Trust Star Cinema in opening our year right by treating us with a heartwarming movie. Name it, may it be a RomCom (Romantic Comedy), Drama or Horror, this studio never fails and have mastered its craft in producing entertaining quality films.

This 2016, Star Cinema will give us a heartfelt treat with their latest movie offering starring the Star For All Seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos in “Everything About Her“.

We took notes and listed down our 5 instant reasons why we want to see the movie, so check it below.

1. The Lead. It is indeed a good treat to open the year, with Vilma Santos bannering the film and letting her superb acting out. The one that we once once loved. Her not-so-over-the-top portrayal and the natural delivery of lines were just a complete ease to see.

2. The Fashion. The trailer opened with those hard to ignore ‘clackers‘ with red soles a.k.a Louboutin’s. We couldn’t wait to see more of the protagonist’s wardrobe all throughout the film.

3. The Lines.

“Is that a lagoon?”

“Magiging river na po ‘yan pag nilakihan”

“A river is where you’ll find your body ‘pag ‘di naging lagoon ‘yan!”

Need we say more?

4. The storyline. Seems like a Devil wears Prada kind of movie. A successful and vicious woman, tamed by a simple, determined girl. Though, of course, very much tweaked to bring in new plot.

5. The closing. We cannot deny the fact that we laughed so hard when we heard the Protagonist’s line of preference to puke inside her Balenciaga bag instead of the Hermes.

Set to open on January 27, the movie was directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, and also stars Angel Locsin and Xian Lim.

Check out the trailer below and share us your thoughts.


About the Author

Ed Lorenzo is a PR and Marketing practitionaer who loves fashion, photography and traveling. Follow him on instagram and twitter @edryanlorenzo to get to know more of his sojourn.

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