For those who are tired of the crowded streets of Manila and those who wants to just break free to finally enjoy a moment away from the bustling streets of the Metro. We have listed down our top 7 spots in the Philippines where it is safe to travel alone!

We have listed down our top 7 spots in the Philippines where it is safe to travel alone!

1. Bohol


If you want to experience the lush, serene and untouched grace of Visayas, you need to visit Bohol and enjoy your “me” time in its sweet surrender. Famous for its Chocolate Hills and Beautiful beaches, Bohol is a place in the Philippines where traffic is not really a daily term, and relaxation is synonymous to its name.

2. Batanes


Known to be the local version of New Zealand in the Philippines. Batanes-as they say- is a place where it heals all the wounded souls and rejuvenates weary spirits with its jaw-dropping awe-whopping scenic  lands. This place is situated in the Northern part of the Philippines and is a great place to enjoy your alone time. Batanes is considered to be one of the safest places in the Philippines with less than 5% of criminal rates, so it is totally safe for you to travel here alone.


3. Siquijor


It is a given that whenever you hear the name Siquijor, you easily relate it to the spooky tales of witchcraft rumors and otherworldly sightings. But, time to cut that belief. Siquijor is considered to be much safer than most modernized cities and towns in the Philippines.


The Island province has plenty of perfect surprises to delight solo travelers including Guiwanon Spring Park, Paliton Beach and Cambughay Falls. So you must visit it, Stat!

4. Cagayan de Oro


They don’t call Cagayan de Oro or CDO the “City of Golden Friendship” for nothing. CDO is a safe hub where urban living and nature intersect in a beautiful blend of eclectic art and culture.

5. Davao City


The list won’t be complete without, of course, including Davao City, this province in Mindanao is considered to be the safest and most livable city in the country. It is actually safe to walk around Davao alone even at night. Davao also boasts off a wondrous mix of natural and urban living.

6. Coron, Palawan


Coron, just like the rest of Palawan, is a safe and tourist-friendly place to travel alone. Listed by many travel blogs and acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful destinations to have your R&R because of its natural beauty and unspoiled wonders, Coron in Palawan is a favorite spot that should go on your must-visit list- even when you’re alone.

7. Dumaguete City


Dumaguete is an awesome selection of tourist-oriented services and a charming sea-front boulevard. One of the most underrated destinations in the Philippines, this city also has attractions and interesting sites like  the Bell Tower, Cathedral of Santa Catalina and much more.

How many have you visited so far, though? If you haven’t even ticked any of the boxes from this list, time for you to scoot out of the Metro and start your alone time journey before the year ends.

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