More and more Instagram users are being aware of what a good feed can do to boost your popularity to gain organic followers, and how a single photo can sleigh you up the notch.  Admit it, Filipinos are born with keen eyes for beauty and creative mind that dictates adventure and thrill, so keeping a beautiful feed is easy.

Having said that, Filipino groups with the same mission of bringing out Filipino Phoneography talents are coming out of the scene, joining hands together to not only feature the best of the best, but to also set higher standards in the face of Instagram.

To define, Instagram communities are IG accounts that feature photos from different users with corresponding guidelines.

From minimalist layouts to flat lays and even creative photo mixture. These instagram communities gets you covered. So, we have listed down our top 8 LOCAL communities that feature creative snaps,  for your eyes to see and your thumbs to like.




GrammerPh is a worldwide community of Filipino Instagrammers that feature photos, stories and people. They release weekly themes that followers can use as a guide if they want to join their photo sharing sessions.




SinoPinas is a community of Filipino Instagrammers in quest of discovering Philippines, its beauty, culture and people- one place at a time. This account is well known in personifying the place by tagging and introducing it with the hashtag #Si(name of the place).




vsco philippines

May it be a runway photo, a creative flat lay or a minimalist image with an all clear wall as a backdrop, VSCO Philippines got you covered.




RoamersWorld is the revamped account of VSCObeau that focuses mainly on world adventures and encourages all to be creative while exploring places and conquering new grounds. This community encourages all the wanderers to share their photos wherever they may be around the globe.



Fotografia United claims to be the very first photography entertainment feed channel in the Philippines. They encourage their followers to join daily photo sessions (11am and 8pm sessions) by using a specified hashtag. FU, would also like their followers to support each other by liking all of the photos who participated in a specific session.






Where will you be headed next? Be sure to tag your photos with #WTNadventures on your next escapade, this community is comprised of travelers and storytellers that not only speak of exploration but also creativity.



Like any other communities, Minds Of Hipster compiles and features best of the best images from sketches, flat lays and other  artistic explorations.

At this age, sometimes, great talent could be found on the net or through a boxed photo on Instagram. You’ll never know.


About the Author

Ed Lorenzo is a PR and Marketing practitionaer who loves fashion, photography and traveling. Follow him on instagram and twitter @edryanlorenzo to get to know more of his sojourn.

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