Headed to Malaysia for your next getaway? Be sure to try these 8 delectable Malaysian food that will keep you salivating to goodness.

Malaysian is considered to be one of the most delicious cuisines in Southeast Asia. It is a titillating blend of Indonesian, Indian and Malay influences, and with the use  of their own mixture and ingredients, Malaysia’s beloved food will definitely appease your taste buds with its mouthwatering full flavoured taste.

Nasi Lemak

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Nasi Lemak (Na-see-Lema), fondly known as Malaysia’s national dish is topping our list. Cooked with pandan leaves and soaked in coconut milk, this Malaysian treat is not only tasty but also fragrant.

It has a variety of other ingredients to add more flavours, like Fried Chicken glazed with spicy sauce called sambal, boiled egg, cucumber cuts, peanuts, and fried anchovies.

Once the meal is fully cooked, it will be then, wrapped into a triangular shape using a banana leaf, making the Nasi Lemak an easy meal or snack.


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Laksa is a staple, it has savoury broth with noodles, topped tastefully with an array of condiments depending on the region.

Famous all over Malaysia, this Malaysian culinary specialty has a multitude of variations, including Penang’s beloved asam laksa, which heavily features tamarind to create a sour-spicy fish broth.


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Rojak literally means “a combination of things”. But make no mistake about it! Rojak is a spicy salad concoction of vegetable and tropical fruits. Typical ingredients for this dish include bean curds, rose apple, pineapple, jicama and cucumbers. Other Rojak variations may include crispy fritters, cruller, fried tofu and cuttlefish. Some would add Sambal Belacan – a deliciously spicy sauce made up of chili and shrimp paste to make it more tasty.




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Originally from Thailand, this quintessential Southeast Asian dish is consisted of meat chunks (lamb, beef or chicken) marinated with a medley of local spices, skewered and grilled lightly to perfection. You may eat on its own, or dip it into either sambal or the spicy nut sauce, for an extra kick.

Banana leaf rice

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With this Malaysian culinary combo, you’ll get to gratify your culinary cravings with white rice served on a fragrant banana leaf with an assortment of goodies, such as papadom, pickles, vegetables and curries. Sounds like a tempting treat, right?


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No list of the best food in Malaysia is complete without the inclusion of the globally renowned Rendang. After all, it has been voted by CNN International’s readers as the best in their list of the 50 Most Delicious Food in the world.

Apam balik

They say you haven’t experienced the best of Malaysia’s cuisine, until you thrill your taste buds with this sweet and wondrously good treat. Billed as one of the best snacks in Malaysia, Apam Balik is the complete omelet package, stuffed with a sufficient amount of peanuts and sugar as well as the casual sprinkle of corn.

Asam Pedas

Asam Pedas is one of those Malaysian dishes that you’d wish was served with unlimited rice. Its ingredients include Spanish mackerel or stingray, shallots and belacan, tamarid and dried chilies.

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