Just when you thought, summer couldn’t get any hotter; here we are giving you a dish apt for serving this season.

Allow us to take control of the heat and increase the temperature a little bit higher as we bring you one of Century Tuna Superbod’s finalist, Ryan Sy.

This 24-year-old hunk was discovered when he went out for a gig in one of the bars here in Manila, “I was discovered and invited to join Ivory after they heard me playing at “The Library Bar” in Malate. Before that though, I had already been doing commercials and doing a lot of print and ramp modeling. So I guess the first person to really “discover” me was Randy Ortiz, who invited me to be a part of one of his shows, which eventually opened many doors for me in the industry. I also have Carlo Orosa and Audie Gemora to thank for being my first managers and introducing me to many movers in the entertainment business.” He chimes.


Admittedly, Ryan shares that creating a mark in the local scene is really tough and he’s been through a lot before getting his first major appearance as a performer. Now, turning a new page in his career, Ryan is set to conquer and lure the stage with his godly physique in the upcoming finals of Century Tuna Superbods.

StyleMNL joined him for a day of training to catch and see his preparations for the finals night, and we tell you, the training is no joke!


What’s your fitness regimen?

 I love boxing. I used to compete during my college years in the UK, but unfortunately had to stop after waking up temporarily blinded due to minor head trauma. It was really scary – I thought I was going to die or something. I still join amateur boxing competitions here, every once in a while, when they have them. I love it because there are so many amateur boxers here who with no real experience – they only ever “spar” with a trainer holding mitts. So when they join competitions, it’s fun to see the badass in them disappear after getting hit once in the face.

Is this your first competition and why did you join Century Tuna Superbods?

It is definitely my first contest. I joined it because I just figured I’d give it a shot. Actually, truth is I had a dream that I was a tuna (laughs). I really didn’t expect to get into the finals – I was fairly out of shape when I joined. But they made me sing a bunch and I made them laugh a bunch, too. I guess they thought I’d be a good wildcard. And now that I’m in the competition, I’m definitely bringing my A-game


What do you consider is your edge over the other contestants?

I wasn’t particularly jacked or ripped coming into the competition, just like the others. Fortunately for me, it’s not hard to get back to my leaner, fitter days from when I used to model shirtless quite often. If century is looking for an endorser, I’m the perfect lab rat (laughs) – I can show the public how much one month of tuna and exercise can transform a person, really! Discipline will definitely give you good results!

What are your workout routines?

I tore my left pectoral muscle last year, so I mainly do body weight exercises. I do a lot of crossfit, and a bit of yoga. I also love the “Inanity” home workouts.

What do you consider is the best part of your body?

My hands! I mean from boxing when I was in college to writing music with either the piano or guitar, my hands are definitely my most valuable asset!


How do you maintain that kind of lifestyle?

I grit my teeth and bear it. If you set goals for yourself, there’s really no reason to make excuses. I just go for it and give it 110%, Just give it my all!

Do you have any plans of maintaining it even when the competition’s done?

Yeah, definitely! I will continue this lifestyle, after all it will really benefit me in the long run.


The usual, any tips on how to stay healthy and fit?

Don’t do drugs, it will only cause you damage. Love your body and take care of your well-being. Also, don’t drink too much, I’ve learned my lessons well. So yeah, guess following these two will serve you really fine.

Lastly, we know that you not only do your gym chore, you also follow certain meal intake, any tips that you can share to our readers and to your fans?

Tuna in the morning, tuna in the afternoon, tuna before bed. Lots and lots of leafy vegetables, eggs, whole grains like black rice. I’m no chef – I just mix’em all up and stir fry’em. It tastes ok naman.

But seriously, not only because I’m competing for the title, but really, Tuna has a lot of good nutrients that will help your body. You have to also consider the amount of food you take in. Make it proportion. I always love eating vegetables and fruits, so I guess, you just have to follow that.


What’s your message to your followers and fans?

To all my followers and fans: tell your friends to become followers and fans too (laughs). But seriously, thanks for your support – without you, I’d be putting my college degree to good use instead of doing what I really love

What would it take you to achieve your dreams?

I’m willing to do… anything. 😉 Kidding! It takes perseverance and faith to achieve anything you set out to do. Same thing applies to my dreams and aspirations

Your guiding principle in life and career?
Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future

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