Heavily rooted in the ethos of skateboarding, DC was founded over two decades ago as a performance skateboarding shoe brand. Today, DC Shoes has evolved into a leading action sports label with an extensive product line which includes skateboarding and lifestyle shoes, apparel, and other action sports accessories for men, women, and kids.

Staying true to its credo of defying conventions, DC Shoes constantly rolls out with fresh and exciting designs that both reflect the radical spirit of skateboarders and its commitment to skateboarding footwear innovation. This season, DC Shoes has done it again with the Tiago S – the first pro model shoe for Brazilian skateboarding powerhouse Tiago Lemos.

From insane skate video parts, massive pops, and a style that harks back to skateboarding’s golden era to earning an official spot at the Street League by bagging recognitions at multiple Best Trick Contests from New Jersey to Barcelona, Tiago Lemos has undoubtedly made his mark in the global skateboarding scene.

And just like the trailblazing skater, the Tiago S also aims to make its mark with cutting-edge technologies such as the IMPACT-A™ airbag, which provides superior heel cushioning; the SUPER STITCH™, a high tensile thread which contains superior durability properties; and the SUPER SUEDE™ which adds 50% more durability to the toe area – all of which serve to ensure longer lasting performance amid high-impact usage. Plus, its jacquard style tongue offers exceptional breathability for maximum comfort.

For the footwear’s aesthetic design, the Tiago S is classic as it is striking. Apart from featuring an elevated cupsole with a unique asymmetrical construction and a jacquard woven design, the shoe also bears a branding that highlights Tiago’s initials and area code in Brazil – a clever nod to the ferocious skater’s heritage. Available in two colors, the Tiago S comes in Black and Brown.


Since day one, DC Shoes has constantly pushed the boundaries of skateboarding footwear design – combining technology and a thorough passion for skateboarding. And the result, as always, is groundbreaking as evidenced by the Tiago S!

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