If you’re looking for a good gift to match your skater friends. Look far no more, DC just rolled out their latest collaboration and its dope AF.


Allow us to give you a brief backgrounder of who Mike Blabac is. Blabac is a famous skate photographer who has been fascinated with photography ever since he started skateboarding in 1986. That very same year his parents bought him his very first Nikon F3 camera. From that moment on, he got instantly hooked!


Mike moved to San Fo in 1994, and that is where he saw a DC Shoes Skateboarding ad. Blabac quickly started to get to know the San Francisco locals and everyone else in the city. Blabac was just a random skater from the Midwest, but the locals knew he shot photos, and they needed a photographer, so it all just fell into place. After spending days and nights in the streets shooting photos of some of my favorite skaters, Blabac got a job as a photographer for Mad Circle and Girl Skateboards in 1999, soon after, he got the opportunity to work for DC.

Blabac’s very first assignment for DC was to spend the summer with Josh Kalis in Philadelphia, shooting photos of him at Love Park for the release of his first signature shoe. Later that year, Blabac witnessed Danny Way jump out of a helicopter into the biggest vert ramp ever seen.

DC has always made history–inside and outside of skateboarding. And for15 years, Blabac was fortunate enough to be the one documenting it. He has shot everything from never-before-done skate tricks, to Robbie Maddison back flipping over airplanes, to Danny Way Jumping the Great Wall of China, to Nyjah Huston skating rails bigger than has ever been imagined.

With the release of his new signature shoe, Blabac hopes he will inspire the photographers, skateboarders, and history makers of the next 20 years to defy convention.

Blabac’s signature DC shoes are now available at DC and Quiksilver stores nationwide.

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