You have to know the name of this new watch brand, and start memorizing it by heart.

Inspired by the lifestyles of skateboarders, barbers, tattoo artists, bikers, blue-collar workers, great musicians and artists who gather together to fraternize and exchange an insight into their lives all under one roof in a 1950’s stylized barbershop, Edwin Watch was created.

Their watch collection for men is divided into two, both appealing to their determined target markets: The Lifestyle Collection and the Classic.

edwin set 2

The Lifestyle Collection is inspired by the skateboarding culture. This is why Kenny Anderson, a world-famous professional skateboarder with more than 15 years of experience in professional skateboarding, has been officially named as the collection’s new brand ambassador. Kenny is known for his amazing skills on board, his smooth finesse and style, and being an overall nice guy which earned him the nickname “Perfect Gentleman”.. Now when his fans around the world hear about his name, STYLE comes to their mind. This quality aptly imbibed in the Lifestyle Collection design and nobody embodies it as effortlessly as the style icon of our age, Kenny Anderson.


The Classic Collection evokes the unconventional appeal  of a marginal group comprising barbers, artists, motorcyclists, musicians, actors and others. Drawing inspiration from vintage timepieces, this collection of watches is distinguished by a refreshing simplicity, with meticulous attention to details in design. A Classic Denim watch is exquisitely finished with a finely-textured leather strap or a stainless steel brand. Over the years, watch models of the of the Classic series have become top sellers merchandised across the broadest distribution channels to reach a sizeable customer base.

Edwin Watch is distributed by New Trends, and now available in Watch Republic and Felipe & Sons.

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