Last September, we were given a chance to witness the media primer show of Hong Kong Disneyland just in time for the Halloween. Disneyland launched their theme this year called, Villains Night Out.



Fronted by the Evil Queen from Snow White, Jafar of Aladdin, the short-tempered Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Big Bad Wolf, Fashionably evil Cruella D’evil and none other than Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.



With the loudest evil laugh of all, Maleficent appears also on the walls of the Disney Castle, as if welcoming the guests to their own version of Fright Night.



Of course, the Halloween celebration wouldn’t be complete without seeing Mickey and Minnie in their pumpkin-hued outfits along with Goofy, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Daisy and Donald Duck, as well as Pluto. This year, the whole theme park was dressed in splashes of orange, brown and red.


As part of the overwhelming desiogns, rides and other attractions this year Hong Kong Disneyland suspended the “Flights Of Fantasy Parade” to give way for “Mickey’s Halloween Time Cavalcade”! “Villains Night Out” replaced “Paint the Night” Parade from September 4 until tomorrow, November 1.


And oh, The Pavilion has also become a space for The Nightmare Experiment – a dreamscape journey through a laboratory, a tunnel and a labyrinth that leads to the dark realm from The Princess & The Frog, a jail in Pirates of the Caribbean, an encounter with mutant toy from Toy Story and the Mad Hatter’s lunatic asylum in Alice in the Wonderland. Such a thrilling walk inside Disneyland, I must say!

villains-night-out-13 villains-night-out-3 villains-night-out-4

On a personal note, if you’re not a fan of Halloween and the Disney Villains, be sure to take note of these dates, so as to avoid major disappointments, of course, we do know that most of you would still want to see the glittery and magical princesses riding their respective float, right?


But nevertheless, the Halloween replacement is also fun to watch!


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