Blogging has become a way of life for most millennials just like our featured Filipino Blogger, Miko Carreon.

This 23 year old chap is a graduate of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde under the program of Architecture. Know more about his thoughts about styling, fashion, and his own view of the generation today.

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When did you start blogging and what influenced you to do such?

I started blogging in 2011 just because i have nothing to do during the break and i’ve been posting my looks over at lookbook so i also did my personal style blog.

How did you start blogging?

I started on tumblr mostly photos and then it developed from there when i started going to events.


What is your personal style?

It changes a lot but my current style would always be minimal and monochromatic sometimes preppy and sometimes grungy.

Who are your fashion inspirations?

My fashion inspirations are James Dean, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West.

What are your favorite local brands and why?

My favorite local brands are Bench, Penshoppe, Memo, Folded and Hung, and Regatta because they have so much basics to offer in different styles haha! 

How about your favorite international brands and why?

I always shop at H&M, Zara, Topman and adidas. 

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Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

Oh! In  10 years I see myself having my own architectural design firm and maybe a known developer.

What are your essential fashion pieces for this season?

Basic tops,classic buttons,classic jackets such as denim jackets in different styles and a nice and classy perfume.

Complete the statement: I can’t live without…


Sleep! I always take a nap anytime, anywhere, if time permits. Haha! I can’t also live without coffee, I need it to function properly. Lol.

Complete the statement: I can only live once so

I make the most out of it and be excellent in everything I do.

What is your reaction that you get to inspire a lot of cool kiddos in town when it comes to fashion?

I’m really overwhelmed! I really didn’t know that I gave that much of an impact to the youth and I hope that’s a good thing. Haha! 

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Has it ever crossed your mind that blogging will be as big as this? (Given the fact that blogging is now considered as a marketing aid in propagating a specific brand and/or a campaign)

To be honest, NO! But I’ m really happy with how blogging has evolved from being a personal space online and now that you can influence people through your thoughts. Of course in a good way.

Aside from blogging, what’s keeping you busy nowadays?

I’m currently working at Jagnus Design Studio in Ronac Art Center. So yeah, that’s kind of my official job right now and I’m happy because I’m learning a lot from that firm! Thanks to my mentors Ar. Sonny Sunga and Ar. Arnold Austria! And…i’m still dancing! Yaay! Haha! Hope i can still compete internationally though.

For you, what is life without blogging?

Life without blogging would be… boring? I mean, with so much technology around us today, I think it is always better to put that on use and help people understand things and events. It is always good to share your craft to others and try to influence them (positively).


What are the 5 things that your readers doesn’t know about you


-I did taekwando when i was in 5th grade til 7th grade, So I can kick ass!

-i love ice cream! 

– I’m addicted to Silantro, the restaurant! 

-I have a beagle

-I did ballet in school. Hahaha! 

Instagram or Snapchat? Why?

Instagram!!!! I love it because I love photos and taking photos! 

Message of change for the millenials

Don’t always follow trends, always find who you really are and be unique because nobody can do you!

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