MEN'S GUIDE IN WEARING SHORT SHORTSFor all ye’ guys out there, it is purely acceptable to wear thigh-revealing shorts nowadays. After all, fashion has finally accumulated the minds of men, unlike the olden days. However, there’s a proper and pleasing way of wearing your leg-baring shorts without poking an eye sore to those who’ll see you.

You’ve seen male models don the runway of Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and other top notched brand wearing shawty shorts, but please mind that runway is far different from the real world. So without further ado we have listed down 5 key guides that will be perfectly handy whenever you thought of wearing this fashion piece.


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Not because we say short shorts doesn’t mean you have the right to wear those pair like tight skivvies, okay? For taller men, your pair should aim to have finish just above the knee. You can also fold your shorts’ hem to add up some natural bulk to thin legs.

For shorter guys, you must be aiming for a couple of inches above the knee, yup! You shorty, you’re doing it right. This will give an illusion for more elongated legs.

For bulky, muscular gents who have particularly great legs and ass, you can wear your shorts just above your knee, and no need to fold’em to avoid the bulking illusion.


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Of course, don’t you ever dare pair your short shorts with tiny shirt. Sure you must be muscular for this season, but being a show off won’t get you anywhere. Last thing you don’t wanna see in the mirror is yourself looking all tight up and bulging!


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You can pair your shorts with anything. No body says you can’t pair it with slippers, flops, mandals or sneaks. Just make it appropriate. In most cases the mandals x shorts combo is perfect when hitting the beach. If you’re set to talk a walk in the city, you can pair up your shorts with sneakers. Leave your flops x shorts combo on the beach too, okay?


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Make sure your shorts are SHORT and not small! There is a big difference between the two. The last thing we wanna see is the agony that lies on your waist, that stick out your belly fats from its tight garters.


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Make sure you use lotion on your legs if you wear short shorts, yup! That’s acceptable! What is not, is seeing your legs all chalked up with dirt and soap residues.

With that, you’re pretty ready to bask under the sun wearing dem short shorts! You’re welcome!

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