She sure knows how to move! With a personality as powerful as her visage, Jessica yang shows us all the tricks up her sleeves to fit in the new movement.


We sat down with Jessica to figure out how her mind tick.

Where did you grow up?
Born and raised in Taiwan
Came to the Philippines in 2002 and I’m based here ever since.

Why did you choose Philippines to start and continue your modeling career?
It wasn’t my choice, it was my parents’. But I fell in love with this place and it just so happened that I became a model here and i tried modeling in HK for three months, and also went to Dubai, Malaysia, Shanghai for shoots.

What/ Who inspires you to do best in your craft?

People who loves, who sees me as their role model, who get inspired by me. That INSPIRES me to do better everyday.

How do you cope up with the tight modelling competition in our industry?

Taking care of yourself is very important, I don’t like to drink and I don’t smoke..and I don’t like to go out. And in modeling, “yourself” is an asset. So this is very important. And I think if you be yourself you’ll stand out. Models who show their personality usually last longer 🙂

What are your hobbies?
I love to draw, I love to sing, art and music is my stress reliever, like I draw at night after my long day of modeling and I will bring my ukulele in the car and jam when it’s traffic 🙂

And I love to go to art museums!


Where has your passion for music, fashion and style taken you?

I never thought it will take me anywhere, just doing what I love, but so far Me and my brother have wrote and composed a song for an indie film that I’m in (It’s coming on 2016) and I got several jobs and features and sponsors ‘cos of my personal style and fashion sense.

What impression do you hope to leave through your personal look?


As long as it’s nothing negative or sexual hahaha. You know, I’m going for this hippie and boho vibe! Free spirit and this is not just a look! It’s inside and out! Overall life peg!


What would you say is your best feature and how do you emphasize it?

My asian look. I don’t think I need to emphasize it, cause I’m full on asian LOL just maintain it I guess haha.

What is your most memorable beauty faux pas?

I don’t think I have encountered any beauty faux pas yet! 🙂

What life philosophy are you trying to live?

We all have the ability to inspire and change others, so don’t ever waste it. All of us can be magic to each other:)

What would you never compromise on?

I dunno… I guess, everything is negotiable as long as it’s reasonable haha

Where will you be after 10 years?

Ideally, have a hippie house in the mountain, by the river or a lake and travel around the world.

What was your most memorable modeling project?
Shooting a campaign in Dubai.  It’s one of my dream countries to visit, and I got to go cause of modeling.

What is go-to style on a day-to-day basis?

Boho is my everyday look. Loose and easy but chic and stylish

Who are your fashion inspirations?


For how long have you been single?
Hahahaha. what’s this? Since jan.

How do you maintain that relationship with your John?

You mean how to maintain the friendship with my ex? Being understanding is the key. We stay friends cause we are true to each other, in the end we always choose to love,never hate. We know we don’t work as couple for now, but we never stop loving each other as humans,and as friends. Love is good. Love is always the way.


What do people can expect from Jessica this year?


Haha no pressure! Don’t expect anything from me but I promise to always bring you something different and colorful in me cause I don’t like to stay the same. Always grow and lean everyday!

Any tip and message to your followers?

Thank u everyone who show me love and make me feel special. I love to wake up and sleep with all the good vibes from my followers! I’m so blessed and grateful for that 🙂

And remember to always follow your pure heart and do good!

Definitely one to watch out for, Jessica is a muse to emulate! With a great view on life and a passion for art we can’t wait to see how she will dominate the fashion scene.

Cant get enough of our Asian lass, dig her video after the jump.

Photography: Andrew Apuya | Videography: Ryan Tizon | HMUA: Cats Del Rosario | Stylist: Lord Rebueno

Special thanks to: Adidas | ZALORA Philippines

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