If there’s one performance that we want to highlight from the recently concluded 57th Grammy Awards, it’s gonna be Sia’s! There are top three main reasons why we love her performance so allow us to list’em down: One, Shia LeBeouf intro’ed Sia’s performance in what seemed to be a poem-like call out. Sia also performed one of her famed single “Chandelier”; Second, Kristen Wiig stepped into the nude leotard, playing the grown-up counterpart to Ziegler’s dancing waif. She also wore a bobbed wig and recreated the video’s surrealist dance moves and sliding around a dishevelled apartment set; and Lastly, the performance was so great you just couldn’t afford to miss it!

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Before you enjoy the video, a little bit of backgrounder first. “Chandelier” was Sia’s first top 10 hit as a lead artist, the Australian singer-songwriter co-wrote smashes for artists like  Rihanna and Ne-Yo and co-wrote for Guetta and Flo rida. Sia was also well known in performingh with her back to the camera, and still refuses to flash for press.

See the video after the jump:


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