Much has been said about the beauty of Calaguas.

Most people who have visited the Island would say that it can give Boracay and Palawan a good run for their money, some would characterize it as the untouched version of Boracay- fine sand, crystal clear waters and peaceful.

Situated in the province of Camarines Norte, Calaguas Islands are slowly getting good recognition for its gorgeous white beaches, serene shores, and pristine sea water. Some travel bugs will attest that despite being relatively unknown to the general public, the Calaguas Islands are among the best travel destinations in the country.

Some of the finest beaches here in the Philippines may have succumbed to modernity, complimenting the fast-paced lifestyle of the people living in the metropolis, trying to give them both the leisure and the usual rush. However, in Calaguas, there is a place where you can experience pure serenity while providing luxury in its simplest form while maintaining the culture and lifestyle of the province called, Waling-waling Eco village.


Waling- Waling eco-village is a  1.5 hectares space situated in Mahabang Buhangin beach of Calaguas Islands which can accommodate 120 persons in total; It has two accommodations which guests may choose from.


It has 14 open-air Cabanas with two hammocks, which can house 4 persons for only P3,000 a night during low season and P4,200 every high season a night.



Waling-Waling’s eight kubol houses have an open-air living room and private bathroom in the ground floor and on the second floor, a spacious sitting room that sleeps six persons for only P6,000 a night for low season and P7,800 during high season.


Waling-Waling Eco Village, the same company of the Waling-Waling Resort in Boracay. Orlando Sacay, the owner and Managing Director of the place shared to us that the name came from his Mother’s fascination to the alpha orchid, Waling-waling.

“We saw a great potential here in Calaguas, unlike our first resort in Boracay, the untouched beauty of Calaguas is one of the many reasons why tourists would want to come back and experience the place.” Orlando shared.

He added, “As much as possible, I try to detox our guests-both physically and mentally- by giving them the freshest food that we could offer and the back-to-basics- treatment by not having an internet connection in our Eco-village, [aside from the fact that it is really hard to catch a signal here].” 

Mr. Orlando noted that he wants to give their guests the true island feel while injecting charm with convenience.

Waling-waling Eco-village offers some of the finest local cuisines in Bicol. Starting off with the mouth-watering and lip-smacking, Laing, up to their Lobster sauteed in Garlic and Butter.  Ate Grace Austria, as Mr. Orlando would calle her, is considered to be one of the finest cooks in Calaguas.

For the quality and taste, Waling-Waling Eco-Village’s food offering is  pretty much affordable: Php 295 per head for Breakfast, this includes three viands a bowl full of Garlic rice, fruits and a complimentary coffee or orange juice; Php 445 per head for Lunch, which includes three viands, a bowl full of rice, sooup, fruits and juice, and Php 495 per head for Dinner.

Tourism in the Philippines is a valuable endeavor and everyone must do their part in preserving the beauty of our own nature. by being cautious and responsible. Thankfully, the Waling-Waling Eco Village is paving the way towards a more responsible and Eco-friendly option; one that will allow the guests and the scenery to co-exist harmoniously.

Waling Waling Eco Village 

For reservations:

walingecovillage@gmail.com | reserve@waling.com |walingecovillage@yahoo.com

Call or text:
Globe (0915 100 0000), Smart (0912 600 0000)


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