Crowned by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people alive today, Kanye West has been under the spotlight and has been praised like a God by society. In the sneakerhead community alone, he has caused a mass hysteria upon releasing his much coveted sneakers partnering with Nike and now, Adidas. Sneaker enthusiasts camp out for-God-knows-how-long, just to cop a pair of Yeezys and either keeps them or resells them with roughly around a 200% mark up. In an article released by Highsnobiety, the sales growth of Yeezy shoes was presented in a span of two months.

Yeezy Sales


Sales of West’s previous shoes (Nike Air Yeezy II’s) was already at a decline given his brand shift from Nike to Adidas; but upon the release of the Adidas Yeezy Boost, another Yeezy hysteria was triggered – demand for anything Yeezy went off the charts. In proving that anything Yeezus touches turns to gold, he performed at Powerhouse 2015 along with Ludacris and Kid Ink and was seen rocking a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost “All White.” Yet another frenzy was triggered among sneakerheads so much so that requests for pre-orders of the same pair from the Adidas website sky rocketed to the extent that Adidas had to change the pre-order button to a “coming soon” sign.

Kanye West Ultra Boost

Now the question is, will the same happen to the Yeezy Season 1 collection? It was revealed by Kicksonfire that the collection, inclusive of not only the shoes but also clothing and bags, will be available at Barneys New York. From making music to designing shoes, West is already at the brink of penetrating the clothing market; the clothing line is set to be released during autumn/winter of this year (2015). West’s vision of this project is for it to be within the reach of everyone so he wanted them to be produced at greater quantities and at lower prices. However, this is quite ironic considering that the entry price for the collection, according to Highsnobiety, is at $430 (roughly Php19,000) and it can go up to $3,850 (Roughly Php174,000). Nevertheless, all we can do now is sit back, relax, and watch Yeezus rise again.



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