10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

You are all psyched for the coming long weekend, we feel you! Who doesn’t love taking advantage of this long weekend, right? Whether you’re flying to Japan, or any other destinations, we sure know that you’re just a day away from your most awaited vacation.But wait up, have you packed your things, yet? Maybe you should reconsider seeing yourself hauling two big luggages and an arm bag.  Let’s squeeze it! We mean, traveling should always be at ease. Get me?

That is why we give you steps on how you can make that bulky luggage as compact as possible. See our list and start learning below,

Plan ahead

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

First things first! It is always better to plan and do some research about the place of your destination.

Always get the basic but useful information, like extended weather forecast during the dates of your travel, nearby places and transport, amenities as well a activities you can do. This is to determine the things you NEED to bring during your vacation. You don’t want to bring jackets on a sunny weather, don’t you?

Travel with a backpack

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

As much as possible travel with a backpack. It will give you ease of movement especially when you have to roam around or transfer to multiple transports before reaching your destination. Buy a bag cover, it will protect your backpack from rain, dirt and dust, and at times from theft.

If you strongly prefer traveling with a suitcase, do it like George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air movie. Just wonderful!


Bring very light clothes

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend


Bring clothes made up with lightweight materials, wrinkle-free and quick-drying for easy squeeze. Choose those in modest shades like white, black, and gray which are always in fashion and provides you with stress-free mix and match.

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

If you’re traveling in cold weather, dress in multiple thin layers instead of bringing bulky jackets.  A scarf can keep you warm too and in most cases it can punctuate your look. Check the different ways of wearing scarf in YouTube, there are lots of video tutorials.

Wear your bulkiest shoes, pack the flats.

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

Save space by wearing your sneakers or boots then pack the flat and light pair like flip-flops, slip-on, ballerina flats, jelly shoes, converse, and the likes.

Free up more space by securely placing your shoes in your backpack’s side pockets. Trust us, it’s very effective!

Scale Back your toiletries

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

Buy toiletries in travel sizes and that are resealable, best if you can find refillable containers which you can reuse for your next travel.

I have to add that if you’re bringing a towel, make sure it is made of microfibers. These are absorbent, lightweight, can easily be rolled, and quick drying. Check Aquazorb towels, it will cost you only hundreds in exchange of comfort.

Nonetheless, if your accommodation will provide all these needs, you don’t have to pack any.

Condense your gadgets

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

Most gadgets nowadays can serve multiple functions that you can think of – music player, cameras, books, hotspots, etc. Thus, you don’t need to bring them all.


Of course, you have to definitely pack a small power bank and outlet extender for a more worriless travel.

When in doubt leave it!

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

Spread out all the things you plan to bring and then with every item ask again yourself: Do I really NEED this? If your inner voice doesn’t said a very firm yes, then leave it!

Maximize space and organize

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

Organize your things by sorting. Pack your toiletries, gadgets, including unmentionables among others in thin bags or Ziploc.

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

Roll don’t fold clothes. It will minimize wrinkles and saves space. Group your clothes based on your itinerary so you don’t have to take them all out.

Last minute addition of socks and underwear can be rolled and stuffed into any available spaces in your pack.

Bring extra bags that are foldable

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

You don’t have to carry your backpack while touring around. If you can leave it in your hotel, then leave it. Just bring extra bag with you, those that can be inserted in between small spaces of your backpack.

Bring the likes of foldable tote bag or nylon bags where you can transfer all the stuff you need during a day tour. It can also serve its purpose when buying souvenir items. Aside from that you can also bring a small sling bag or messenger bag where you can place your valuables, travel documents, water, snacks, wet wipes, medicine kit, and other immediate and important stuff within your reach.

Dodge scarcity mindset

10 TIPS TO travel light this long weekend

Keep in mind that there is always an alternative and resources are available everywhere.


The beauty of traveling light once solved and put into practice gives mobility, saves time and money. Meaning, you don’t have to check in any baggage in airports and pay for excess luggage.

So now that you have paid 3 minutes of your attention to this writing, look at your bag and rethink your packing.

Remember Travel light and travel smart! By the way, you might also want to check our list of items that you should pack for that last minute travel here.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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