It is undeniable that our country, the Philippines, is a special gem in Asia crafted by the hands of God.

With more than 7,000 mellifluous and magnificent islands, Philippines is a majestic country and truly a sight to behold. From serene shores to lush and untouched, pasture lands, the Philippines has endless array of bucket list worthy destinations that calls out wonders and explorations.

This 2017, before you book a flight and shark out for travel fares, allow us to give you our 11 must-see-local destinations to help you guided all throughout the year.

Brother Island, Palawan


Palawan is a sure-fire bet of many Filipinos, after it has been recognized as one of the most beautiful island in the world, travelers here and abroad flocked their way to Palawan, El Nido in particular. However, if you are looking for a peaceful sanctuary where you can just lounge around, and be one with the solemn nature, Brother Island is a perfect fit. Situated also in El Nido, this private island offers a one of a kind, all-inclusive accommodation. You can only book a stay in Brother island via Airbnb, the owner of the island is a family who decided to live a quiet and peaceful life in Palawan, but we are just so lucky that they opened this haven to travelers who wants to experience a one of a kind relaxation. However, the island has very intermittent signal- which we guess is a good way of breaking away-even for a short time- from work emails, phone calls and text messages.

Photo source: airbnb.com



Catanduanes is known for its historic sites like Bato Church in Virac. Aside from that Catanduanes, with its Batanes-like beaut, is known for its majestic rock formation, the Puraran Beach and Twin Rock Beach which made their mark as travelers’ destination whenever they visit the place. And lastly, just like Batanes, Catanduanes has grasslands that overlooks the Pacific Ocean called Binurong Point, what more can you ask for?

Photo source:gocatanduanes.com

Danao, Bohol


Bohol is famous for its untouched beauty, the long shoreline of resorts in Panglao and of course the Chocolate Hills. But tucked in the Northern east side of Tagbilaran is Danao. Billed as one of the rising stars in Bohol’s tourism sector, Danao is a land spectacle that mesmerizes its visitors with beautiful sunsets, lush mountain views and heavenly clouds covering its peak, also known as sea of clouds just like the famous Kiltepan Peak sunrise in Sagada.

Danao also offers activities that will satisfy the gusto of adrenaline junkies with their ziplines, rock climbing, ATV rides and The Plunge- an extreme canyon swing that will leave you breathless-in a good way.



We have listed Siquijor in one of the safest place to visit for solo travelers, and we couldn’t stress enough how you must visit the place while you can. Shoo away from the earthly belief of witchcraft and supernatural beings, for Siquijor will only cast a spell on you through its natural beauty and impressive allure. Cambughay Falls is one of the many attractions in Siquijor along with the 400-year-old Balete Tree- which they say serves good luck.

Photo source: backpacklocals.wordpress.com

Manjuyod Sandbar, Bais City


You’ve been wanting all your life to visit Maldives and experience a once in a lifetime serene-shore-crystal-waters-combo, right? Look no further, with its gorgeous and azure waters matched with a 7-kilometer stretch of pristine soft white sand, this majestic sandbar in Negros Oriental can give Maldives a run for its money. Majuyod Sandbar in Bais City will definitely sweep you off your feet and will make you feel like you’re standing on one of the world’s luxurious beach destination.  If you are lucky enough, you can also have an amicable glimpse of whale sharks and dolphins sightings in one of your dives.

Photo source:topten.ph

Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte


Bucas Grande is known for their Sohoton Jellyfish Sanctuary. Just like a still from a movie, be one with these sting-less Mastigias Papua or Spotted Jellyfish as you dive deep in the waters of their lagoon. Be ready to be surrounded with harmless, squishy creatures as you appreciate the wonders God has given us.

Photo source: bohemianbirds.com



Island Born of Fire, Camiguin has the most numbers of volcanoes than any other islands in the world. But aside from that, this island in Mindanao is a pure wonder and a home for natural spectacles like the Katibawa Falls, Taguines Lgoon, hot and cold springs, diving sites and white sandbar.

This pear-shaped island is also known for its centuries-old churches and the unmistakable natural beauty of the mystical sunken cemetery.

Photo source: islandsofthephilippines.com

Legaspi City, Albay, Bicol


The land where the perfectly-coned Mayon Volcano is situated, Legaspi City boasts a wide array of natural attractions that will surely captivates ones travel bliss and excitement.

Photo source: etchuseranglee.wordpress.com

Langun-Gobingob Caves, Samar


Samar is considered as the caving mecca in the country, nested in the town of Calbiga, Langun-Gobingob made Samar the home to the country’s largest caving system and second largest in Southeast Asia. This cave has 12 chambers and as huge as three football fields. So if you are down in doing some spelunking Samar is the perfect place for you.

Photo source: faq.ph

Salibungot beach, Jomalig Island, Quezon


The Golden island paradise of Jomalig is a figurative and actual translation of Desert meets the ocean spectacle. Salibungot Beach boasts off pristine and golden shores with its bead-like, brown to golden brown sands. One can take refuge on its sweet surrender while enjoying a relaxing moment with the nature.

Photo source: Hiddenjem.net

Antique Rice Terraces


We are just sad to learn that Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao is starting to deteriorate because of the crowds visiting the place daily and erosion. However, deemed as one of the country’s best kept secrets, this 200-year-old, man-made formation inspires tourists to wander the lush paddies, and ethereal scenery of the place. Be sure to toughen up your feet for you need to cross five mountains in order for you to get a glimpse of this beauty

Photo source: Katahum.com

With that, we suggest that before conquering other shores of our neighboring countries or even flying across other archipelagos, be sure to visit these places in our own land.


Ed Lorenzo

Edryan Lorenzo, a PR and Marketing practitioner with 13 years of solid experience in the industry of lifestyle, fashion, and e-commerce. I'm into visual arts which includes photography, painting, and sketching. During my free time, I'd prefer to travel to keep my self fueled by different cultures and information. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @edryanlorenzo.

About the Author

Edryan Lorenzo, a PR and Marketing practitioner with 13 years of solid experience in the industry of lifestyle, fashion, and e-commerce. I'm into visual arts which includes photography, painting, and sketching. During my free time, I'd prefer to travel to keep my self fueled by different cultures and information. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @edryanlorenzo.