You want an enjoying escape even for just a short while but don’t have enough cash to feed your wanderlust? Don’t let it shun you from achieving your most coveted getaway!

You don’t need to wait a lifetime to earn money just to enjoy traveling! We have listed down top 11 tips that you can follow in order for you to save money for your future travels!


Monitor your spending habits


When you are saving money for your much-awaited travel, you have to have an open sheet where you can track your spending, each single transactions, and payment or purchase.

Do it religiously for the first three months and you’ll end up tracking your spending without batting an eyelash. It’ll soon be part of your routine. This activity will also make you mindful of all your expenditures, and you’ll know where you usually burn your money.

Off- Laptop or Personal computer? There are so many mobile applications that can help you monitor your spending, like Mint, MySupermarket and Spendometer

Reduce electricity and water consumption


If you’re tasked to pay your utility bills, you have to be mindful of your consumption. For example, unplugging your appliances when they’re not in use, lessen your air condition usage so that it will greatly reduce your monthly electricity usage. For instance, unplugging your appliances when aren’t in use can greatly reduce monthly electricity usage. Even when turned off, appliances can still consume up to 40 percent of their normal energy so better unplug it.

Take shorter showers, have broken pipes fixed and replace old light bulbs with LED bulbs.

Walk and try to reduce your car usage

For most people, car usage is a necessity. Sure, less hassle, you can just drive anywhere you want to go. But if you are saving money for your next travel, reducing your car usage is fully advisable. With the traffic situation here in the country, it is always best to just commute, or walk if you’re just traveling to near destinations. A car, for most people, is a necessity, but if you can survive without one, you can save a ton of money on general maintenance,

It will save you money from gas, insurance, maintenance and you’ll get to do some cardio. Yeah?

Cut the line and take the prepaid route

This will cut your data consumption, and you will be very mindful in chatting via voice calls and texts. Many local Telecom networks are also offering unlimited data, text, calls services if you’re on prepaid, so perfect if you’re saving, right?

Also, there are tons of apps available today like Skype that let you make voice calls and video chats for free.

Take a coffee break

If you’re thinking that you can’t go through a day without your caffeine fix from Starbucks ala Anna Wintour? Think again. If you are saving for your most coveted trip to Europe, Japan or Indonesia, cutting your caffeine daily consumption will save you heaps of cents! Think you can’t go through a day without your favorite Starbucks latte? Quite frankly, coffee is a simple pleasure and a daily expense that’s silently draining your bank account without you even noticing it.

To tell you honestly, coffee is a simple pleasure and a daily expense that silently draining your wallet, without you even noticing it. Your daily 140-peso Cafe Latte Grande can cost you 4,200 Php a month, add it all up and you’ll get a whopping 51,000 Php a year, on coffee, just on coffee!

Cut down on subscriptions and memberships

Gym membership is also a venue that drains your bank account. 3,000 Php per month is no joke. So might as well go for an alternative workout route by walking, or jogging in your city sports center. This will definitely save you money, Big Time!

Cigarette smoking is bad for your health and savings

Smoking is not just harmful to your health, but it also can cause a serious dent to your savings. So keep a healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking, just think of the savings that you can earn from the cigarrete sticks!

Cook your own meals

Save up and cook your own meals at home, or better yet, enjoy and savor home-cooked meals instead of eating out in a restaurant or fast food. Also, please bring packed lunch in the office or school, this will lessen your spending.

Also, you may download the following applications or visit the following websites to help you cook: Allrecipes.com, foodpair.com or epicurious.com

Work part-time

Earn extra cash by working part-time online. Be a writer, an English teacher during free time or let your website earn while posting your favorite topic.

Sell your unused stuff

You might want to explore selling your unused stuff online, too! Too many pairs of shoes? Sell it online and earn extra cash from it. Try opening an account at www.OLX.com or www.shopinas.com.

Don’t shop just ’cause!

Shopping Malls are like black hole that sips through your hard-earned money in an instant. They know their strategy by always-ALWAYS!- scheduling SALE whenever it’s payday. So cover your eyes, and resist the temptation.

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