Now, more than ever is the best time to protect your skin from the blue light.

Sure, you might just be staying at home and enjoying a day on the couch while working remotely due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine. However, did you know that the blue light coming from your laptops and mobile phones may put your skin at risk?

Blue light is a high-energy visible light that comes from the sun but is also given off by electronic devices. This harmful light quickly darkens our skin by two shades and reduces skin barrier recovery rate up to 40% which leads to skin redness, chapping skin, and skin irritation. So the more you stay glued to your gadgets’ screen, the more threat of damage it may bring.

Don’t fret though. With proper hydration and skin boost, you’ll get to protect your skin and be glowing in no time.AHC gives everyone their much-needed hydrating and brightening boost to keep the skin protected and glowing. With these multi-functional products, women can achieve bright and youthful skin while working from home and even when they go back to their workplaces.

Use a hydrating toner to lock in the moisture of your skin.

The skin needs to be quenched with rich moisture. You may opt to use a toner that gently seeps into the skin with a refreshing fluid formula to refine your skin’s texture. Take for example the AHC Aqualuronic Toner, with three forms of Hyaluronic Acid.  This highly moisturizing liquid toner hydrates every inch of the skin from the inside and out. It also fortifies the skin barrier while and refining it for a glass skin appeal.

To use, you just have to gently apply the refreshing Aqualuronic Toner over the face and neck then lightly pat for one minute or until the product is fully absorbed.

Add skin serum and a spot corrector in your skincare routine

As exposure to blue light causes hyperpigmentation, you must use serum and spot correctors to fully take care of your skin. Take for example the Peony bright line which includes the Peony Bright Luminous Serum and Peony Bright Spot Corrector.

The Peony Bright Luminous Serum clarifies and brightens skin tone with vitamin C. The serum is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky residue. While dry skin is replenished with moisture, natural pink radiance is revived.

After using the toner, get an appropriate amount and gently apply along the contours of the skin, then lightly dab for the skin to fully absorb the serum.

The Peony Bright Spot Corrector comes with rich cream

formula and superior non-sticky absorption. This cream works wonder in fading skin pigmentations. To effectively fight dark spots, it comes with three botanical ingredients for quick and stable absorption. Small amounts of this can be used to treat problem areas.

Mask up!

With the growing number of beautifying facial masks, this is one for the books. The Natural Essential Mask is consists of four masks that can really do wonders for your skin. The Aqua Brightening has essential extracts to give a healthy glow and boosts skin hydration to even out the skin tone in just four weeks. The Aqua Nourishing is your best pal to get smoother skin in just 2 weeks. The Aqua Lifting mask helps you to improve skin elasticity for a youthful glow, and lastly, the Aqua Calming that comes with Centella Asiatica to soothe and vitalize stressed skin.

All facial masks under the Natural Essential Mask line are made from 100% cotton sheet so it fits softly and lightly onto the skin. With the mask on, gently massage the face with fingertips and leave for 10-20 minutes. Afterwards, massage the face again for the remaining essence. Want a tip for the best results? Refrigerate the mask before use until the thermometer sticker on the back of the pack turns green!

Finally, women can be at the top of their game at home without worrying about their long- term exposure to blue light from digital screens.

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