As others would say, summer is good, but snow is better!

So while everyone’s enjoying the summer heat by hitting the beach, some would want to escape the scorching tropics and just enjoy the cold weather. Fret not, though! We have listed down 6 countries that need no VISA and you can instantly visit in a snap to experience a more chilling climate that is really far from the usual. See the list after the jump.

1. Brazil

photo source: www.placestoseeinyourlifetime.com

Yes, you read it right. If you think Brazil is just all about beaches, tans, and bikinis, you better think twice.

While it doesn’t have any hallmarks of a typical winter wonderland, Brazil has a handful of high-altitude places that will let you experience a plethora of snowfall. Mark Santa Catarina and Parana on your list and start packing your winter clothes! Or even try the Rio Grande do Sul.


2. Vietnam

Vietnam, just like Brazil, may seem like an odd choice, but you’ll be surprised to know that our neighbor country can give you total chills with its temperatures that can go as low as negative five degrees Celsius.

During winter, Sapa has been amazingly experiencing plenty of whiteout in recent years. During winter, its lush landscapes are covered with glistening white snow making Vietnam’s favorite mountainous playground into a winter wonderland. You can also check out Mau Son Mountain and Tam Dao to experience some snowfall during winter.

3. Ecuador

photo source: www.lechaudrondevulcain.com

Ecuador is yet another surprise entry to our list of visa-free places wherein you can experience snow. Though this South American country stays right on the equator, still snow actually does happen here Specifically on peaks of Cayambe Volcano, which is the highest peak in Ecuador.

4. Peru

photo source: www.files.adventure-life.com

Technically, there’s no basic ski area or resort in Peru, but you may drop by Huaraz, which has been known for its ice skiing opportunities for years. If you’re experienced and brave enough, you may likewise try skiing down the steep slopes of Huascaran – the highest peak in Peru standing proudly at 6,768 meters. Exciting right?



5. Colombia

photo source: www.aventurecolombia.com

If lady luck is on your side, and there’s enough snow, you can go on an ice skiing adventure in Los Nevados. Likewise, you may go to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta- nestled near the Andes- and take a hike up to hit the slope. Skiing from here, though, is mostly recommended those who have tons of experience in ski mountaineering.

6. Israel

photo source: www.israel-tour-guide.com

In Israel snow happens every January and February, though most of the action happens in the north. As a matter of fact, you can even go snow ice skiing in resorts stationed in Mount Hermon and the rest of the northern Golan Heights.

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