We can’t blame you guys if you got overly excited with Adele’s latest tune. She’s been muted for a year or so, and we totally missed her voice. But did you know that her latest track- at this early point– already broke two records? Though it didn’t come as a surprise, you should read up, pal.

Here’s an additional news to all the Adele lovers . Did you now that, according to VEVO, Adele’s accompanying video for her latest track was viewed 27+ million times during its first 24 hours? That being said, Adele dethroned Taylor Swift who previously owned the spot. Taylor who bombed the views for her Bad Blood clip garnered a whopping 20.1 million. What can you say, Tay?


Got’ta love trivia, uh? Here’s another one, did you know that Adele’s Hello, during it’s online release achieved a total of 750,000 sold downloads? The previous benchmark was “Right Round” in 2009. With a few days left, it is really possible for Adele to break the million mark for this track, alone!


All hail to her glory, Adele is really back and she’ll shatter you more when she drops her record entitled 25. We do know that you’ve already watched the see-pee-yuh treated video, right? But we do know that it is also essential for our site to bear it, so here it is, watch it over and over again, after the jump!



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