For the last two weeks, we can definitely say that there were so many viral photos that plagued the social media. Photos that not only tickled our senses but also ignites our curiosity.

We listed down the top five, stalk, search and ogle-worthy Hollywood celebrity posts that are worth your double taps and screenshots (if they decided to delete the entry at least you have a copy for remembrance)

First up,  Marc Jacobs’ accidental butt postage! Yup, the renown designer accidentally posted a photo of his butt on instagram with the caption “It’s yours to try”, intended to be a private message, Jacobs candidly answered and addressed the posting situation with this social media post content ” Yeah. I accidentally posted a pic of my bare ass and took it down. I was flirting with someone I met on Instagram. Meant to send it by DM. Oops, my mistake. I apologise to anyone it offended. I’m a gay man. I flirt and chat with guys online sometimes. BIG DEAL!”





From an accidental post to an intentional display of butt-fection, Justin Bieber, stunned the instagram world when he posted a butt naked image of him on a boat with the caption “Look”. Short but sweet, yeah? Yes Bieber, we get it, you’re a grown up man now! but please, cover! Your butt is not a give away. #nohatin’

Screenshot 2015-07-09 12.02.23

This one is an exception! As if Zac is not enough, the hunky chap posted a photo of him with his-uhm-chiseled bod brother on instagram. Monochromatically treated, defining their cuts! Water, yes, water, please?

Screenshot 2015-07-09 12.03.07


We spy one proud girlfriend here! Chrissy Teigen, posted a photo of R&B singer, John Legend on Instagram. Not just a regular photo though cos Chrissy made a giveaway by posting his man’s butt. We saw what you did there, girl! Good job!



Screenshot 2015-07-09 12.04.12


Capping the list with a cherry on top! Kendall Jenner posted her photo on instagram leaving a little to the imagination by showing her butt cheeks wearing thongs! The image is part of Calvin Klein’s latest campaign helmed as “The Original Sexy”. What do you think, guys?

Screenshot 2015-07-09 14.20.28

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