Let us all admit it, the pandemic has already gotten into our daily lives. It has brought an insurmountable amount of uncertainty, and loneliness while we are all stuck at home. But one thing is for sure, the Filipino spirit won’t let this be a hindrance to stay stronger while rising altogether.

Finding a way to divert all the negative energy-either through art or just by simply reading a book– is a good way to have a positive disposition in life especially during these trying times.

According to studies, another way of coping with the stress this pandemic has given us is by adding a bit of color and beautiful touchups to your space. These colors minimize the bad effect of burnout and anxiety while giving an instant gratification that pleases the eyes. One of the easiest ways to liven up your space is to add flowers and plants. These two are proven to give not just a partial beautification in your humble abode but breathes a new life in your space.

If your thumb ain’t that green to make a plant grow. Then this new, uncomplicated, and affordable way to prettify your home is just a perfect match for you. Dried flowers, blooms, and plants are the easiest way to decorate your home and give it a new life. It preserves flowers to its beautiful form which made them last longer even at very low maintenance.


Image courtesy of Sarah Yu and Pretty Withered

Sarah Yu, a 28-year-old, full-time mom, and the lady behind the dried flower shop brand Pretty Withered shares with Style MNL how she started her budding business during the quarantine, “When I discovered dried plants during the quarantine season, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of withered flowers,” she recalls. Appreciating the beauty and how dried blooms are easy to maintain Sarah opened her business through the use of social media, “Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, these flowers are not high maintenance, and can last longer. It is actually a good interior investment because withered plants are low to zero maintenance. They  can even last up to a year and preserved plants can last up to 3 years.” she added

Image courtesy of Pretty Withered

Sarah takes pride in personally creating all the orders and flower arrangements depending to her client’s requests, ” I’m the creative mastermind behind it. I personally create the flower arrangements and my styles are versatile. I can adjust to the client’s preference. I’m also very hands-on. From packaging to the actual arrangement I make sure that everything is well handled. I think that’s a big service factor because you put a personal touch into it,” she shares.

Appreciating beauty in all forms Sarah also inspires others to give flower arrangement a try, especially now that everyone is on community lockdown, “You may not be a professional when it comes to design and arranging flowers, but it is worth a shot. You just have to give it a try. It’s very therapeutic and self-fulfilling. You’ll never know what your capabilities are if you don’t try,” she noted.


Image courtesy of Jonamel Saavedra and The wilds
With a simple thought in mind of having fresh flowers, to last its life longer, sisters Jonamel and Jessica started The wilds, “Not everybody has the capability to buy fresh flowers then just throw them away in just a week or two. The wilds are preserved fresh flowers that can last up to 2-3 years (or more) with proper love and care,” they shared. “The wilds surely bring peace and tranquility. It is supposed to represent self-care and looking at it will bring a smile on your face,” they added.
Image courtesy of The wilds
What started out as a simple idea to preserve blooms turns out to be a business for the Saavedra sisters, “The wilds started in Singapore. We would like our fellow Filipinos to experience the happiness of beauty these flowers can bring at a very affordable cost, that is why we decided to bring it to the Philippines as well” Jonamel shares. “Our flower prices run in less than a thousand pesos and we offer nationwide and international shipping.” she ended


Finding beauty in the chaos (or dried flowers, in this sense) may be a bit challenging at these times. However, if you’ll just open your eyes to possibilities and take in all the chances the life could give, a lot can be made from the budding hopes, silver linings, and even the positive perspective.

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