Use this feature to your advantage. Here’s an ultimate deal that you shouldn’t miss! Zilingo Trade is offering a BUY NOW, PAY LATER scheme of up to Php 50,000 credit limit within 24 hours.
The challenges of cash flow are familiar to every business operator. A standard reflex during these times would be to push for more sales. We agree that more sales are always better. However, your challenge likely arrives from elsewhere, namely your receivables. You may dismiss delayed payments as ‘cost of doing business,’ but this cost to your business could compound over time. Delayed payments lead to a liquidity crunch, which in turn, hampers purchase efforts.
Despite the cash crunch, as an apparel manufacturer, you still need to purchase raw material. Or, as a trader, you need to be able to buy the stock of finished products necessary for your business. Your working capital needs a boost so that you can continue and expand your essential business operations. A line of credit with transparent terms and conditions could be advantageous to you at this stage. As your supply partner, Zilingo is invested in ensuring your success. To help ease the costs of business, we offer a simple solution which ensures that your business gets the breathing room it needs to flourish.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Zilingo, in collaboration with its financial partners, introduces a simple payment method that allows you, the buyer, to purchase raw materials or readymade products without paying the full price immediately. It is designed to offer support to your business by providing you with the opportunity to pay for your purchases at a convenient later date with a minimal processing fee.
How Pay Later Works: A step-by-step approach to Zilingo’s Buy Now Pay Later offering
Buy raw materials or readymade products: Once you are approved as a white listed buyer, you have the privilege to navigate the Pay Later plans. You can add your products to the cart and simply choose Pay Later at check-out.
Choose the appropriate payment plan: As per your requirements, you have the convenience to choose a credit period ranging from 15- 90 days.
Payback the purchase amount plus a minimal processing fee: As per the credit period, you shall be reminded as and when the due date gets closer. The repayment method will be communicated via emails to make the process simple and convenient for you.
Why use Pay Later?
Consider the Zilingo Pay Later plan as a means of flexible payment option and opportunity available to make your business grow. The flexible terms we offer, mitigate the disruptions to your cash flow and allow you to focus on the most critical aspect of your business – your customers.
Check out this short video that explains how our Pay Later plan works.
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