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With his strong Asian appeal, one cannot deny the fact that Carlo Lee is the one to watch out for this year.

We sat down with this oriental model to know more of his background and aspirations in the industry.


What’s the most challenging part of building a career in the Philippines?

Finding people who will support you till the end and allow you to learn.

Where were you discovered?

I wasn’t really discovered, a friend of mine recommended me to my agency (Mercator) and from the rest is history.

How do you find this industry? 

It’s a lot harder than it looks. Some might say, it is just an easy takeaway for someone to become famous or to earn money, but, I’m telling you, this industry is one of the toughest industry in the world.

What’s the most fulfilling part of being a model?

Being an extension of a designers art. I see modeling as “being a medium of expression” and I like it.

What’s the most challenging part of being a model?

The uncertainty and the overall maintenance of your well-being.

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Who’s your style hero?

I don’t have a specific style hero, it’s more like i’m influenced by different people, brands, and stories. I just incorporate what I like to my style.

What is your go to style staple?

As of the moment its the large shirt and fitted pants combo. It always works for me.

What are your aspirations in life and career?

I wanna be an art director someday!

What are your hobbies or favorite past time?


I’m into visual arts, I like drawing. I also like playing video games, reading comics, watching anime and working out

What’s your fitness regimen?

I gym 2-3 times a week and as of now, I follow the 5×5 strongman program.

Who’s your favorite local actor? International actor?

My favorite local actor would probably be Paolo Avelino, and I look up to Leonardo Di Caprio for the international scene, they are both versatile and you can see that they really love what they’re doing.


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What is your ideal girl look like?

My ideal girl would be Tall, fair, and of course fit!

Butt guy or a boobs guy?

Team butts!!! lol!

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What’s next in your career?

I can’t really say, because a career in modeling is pretty hard to plan but I am planning to start a business soon.

Message to all of your followers and fans.

Thanks for following and keeping up, will definitely post more in the future (haha!)

What would it take you to achieve your dreams?

It’s all hard work. Work hard to achieve your goals and in order for you to perform well in everything that you do.

Your guiding principle in life and career

Don’t be attached to failures and success, take what you can get and keep learning.
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