At the age of 23, Johan Aguilar is traversing the world and creating a mark on his own path, taking countries and documenting it on his blog and instagram account. There is no denying that this standout student-athlete and National Swimmer from De La Salle University is  set to take greater heights one travel post one step at a time.
It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon when we sat down with Johan to know more about his vision, his dream destinations, and it is fitting to say that with his genuinely contagious energy and smile, this Manila-bred chap is indeed a crowd charmer.
what is a regular day for Johan?

Since I’m not in a corporate setup, there’s really no routine day for me. There are times that I’m just in the office working on documentations, talking to clients and checking my laptop. There are days that I would be on the field to visit clients, attending to my own matters, attending seminars and events or running errands for my parents. I also try my best to squeeze in some swimming or gym during the evenings as well.

Can you tell us more about your interests?

I’ve always been interested in sports and activities. Aside from being part of the national team for swimming and swimming for DLSU in the UAAP, I also enjoy other sports such as basketball, table tennis, and bowling. More recently, I found a love for taking photos and travelling. Being an economics major, I also find interest in reading business articles and keeping myself updated with the global economy. I am also inspired by reading through travel and entrepreneurship magazines.


Since when did you start swimming? Where did this sport take you?

I’ve been swimming since when I was 8. For the longest time, I’ve considered myself a student-athlete, since my day would really revolve around school and training. I was able to represent the country through different international stints as part of the Jr. Philippine National Team and the National Swimming Team (SEA Games, Asian Swimming Championships, etc.).

Where do you usually get your inspiration when it comes to fashion

I usually get inspiration from the different portfolios or photos I see in magazines or in social media. Whenever I see outfit looks on GQ or even pictures of ads from different clothing companies, I usually try to use them as pegs whenever I shop for clothes.


Who or what are your inspirations for Fitness?

Being a swimmer for the longest time, I find inspiration from the people I look up to in swimming (Olympians and accomplished athletes). I also try my best to push myself to the limits by having the right mentality and drive whenever I  train and compete.

What made you so interested in traveling?

I’ve always been inspired by people who blog about their travels and take inspiring photos of wherever they are. A different perspective always catches my attention and drives my thirst to travel. Examples of people who inspire me to travel are famous bloggers like @IamGalla and @Anddicted, whom I follow on Instagram. I also love sharing my experiences and the things I learn whenever I travel, and the thought of sharing something new to my friends also inspires me to travel.


Best destinations you have visited so far? 

Best destinations I’ve visited so far would be Queenstown, New Zealand and Cinque Terre in Italy. Best because these two places are very unique in their own respective way! Superb!

What are your top three dream destinations and why? 

So far in my bucket list are Dubrovnik in Croatia, Iceland  and Santorini in Greece. Can’t wait to see them!

You made us wander in our seats through your Instagram photographs. How do you tell the story using these photographs?

Taking cue from the people who inspires me to travel, I always want to make sure that I am also able to show people how nice the world is through my photos. I actually love shooting scenic shots but as much as possible I try to inject a bit of twist and creativity by taking it from a different angle, by playing with light (silhouttes, sunsets, etc.) or by making use of a subject in different ways (candid, facing back, minimal person in the photo, etc.). I would like to show how beautiful the world is and encourage my followers to never be afraid to travel and wander.


How do you pick your subject?

Subject is usually me or some random person that would fit the composition of the photos I take. At times, I also use my younger sister as the subject in some of my photos. From time to time, I also take shots of the food I eat or even some random things I find artsy in the course of my daily routine.

What is your trademark? Do you have any specific treatment?

Trademark would probably be my scenic travel shots, but honestly, I really don’t have any “trademark”, since I feel that it will limit my freedom or perspective in a way. But, I really love taking photos of amazing views and breathtaking sceneries.

What is the most interesting part of traveling?

Most interesting part about travelling would be those “Is this even real?” moments. I think travelling really opens your mind to what the world has to offer. The feeling of actually visiting a place for the first time and learning so much about history and culture is what I find most fulfilling. Also, I think if you plan your trip by yourself, you’re actually able to really appreciate the places you visit more plus you’ll pick up a whole lot of useful and practical things (budgeting, where to book, how to book, what places to visit, where to eat, etc.)


You have gained a lot of international followers. Was there any pressure?

I am not too sure if I’m followed by international users. ha ha. But, I don’t really monitor who follows me, so no pressure at all! ha ha.

Do you consider yourself famous? Instafamous as others would call you. 

Honestly, compared to the people I follow, I really don’t feel I am famous at all. But, of course, everytime I see someone comment or like my photo, it somehow brings joy to me especially if someone appreciates my post.

Do you like the attention you’re getting? Did you ever think that you’ll get this far?

It started out, really, as a passion for showing my viewers a different perspective on whatever I was up to or wherever I was. I simply wanted to share a different perspective and take on the photos I’d shoot whether here or abroad. So, no I never expected to get this far. ha ha.

What are your future plans? What is next for Johan

I’ve already started a blog ( to share about my experiences on travelling and hopefully help out my readers by writing timely articles that they can use as a guide or reference whenever they travel. I also hope to be able to travel more and share more photos through my instagram account (@johanaguilar).

Physical feature: what do you consider is the best part of your body/face?

Most important part of my body are my feet and hands for travel!

What is your guiding principle in life? if there’s any.

Guiding principle is always strive to make a difference or be different in your own good way.


Any message to your followers? Those followers who aspire to be like you or at least, close enough to what you have achieved. 

Message to my followers would be thank you for appreciating whatever content I post. I hope to continue to inspire your optimism and curiosity for the world, just like what the people whom I follow have done for me. Likewise, I also hope that you guys learn something new through my content and strive to be different as well.

If you’re not yet following Johan on Instagram, then you better start making that follow button green and double tap all his photos. Stat!

About the Author

Edryan Lorenzo, a PR and Marketing practitioner with 13 years of solid experience in the industry of lifestyle, fashion, and e-commerce. I'm into visual arts which includes photography, painting, and sketching. During my free time, I'd prefer to travel to keep my self fueled by different cultures and information. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @edryanlorenzo.