Beauty  Queen and advocate, Catriona Gray is no stranger to the limelight and she sure knows how a simple smile can hold so much power—whether online or in real life.

After more than a year of ups and downs, Catriona Gray knows what it’s like to feel down during the current global pandemic. But as a beauty queen and model, Cat knows how a simple smile can hold so much power. It can brighten someone’s mood, help foster deeper connections with your loved ones, and change the way you feel about the day. So, armed with her dazzling personality and gorgeous smile, SPARKLE—a leading oral beauty brand from Thailand using next-generation ingredients and next-level technology in its oral beauty essentials—welcomes her as the newest member of the SPARKLE family and help everyone find their sparkling smiles again.

In an online interview, Catriona graciously shared her thoughts on how she manages to maintain healthy oral and dental health through the help of her newfound companion.

When asked about her daily oral healthcare routine, Catriona shares that she normally takes the time to floss her pearly white every morning and at night. She also added that her routine wouldn’t be complete without her using a gentle mouthwash to rinse off excess dirt and bacteria that a simple brushing can’t eliminate.

“When I’m out of the house for work, I even have a small pouch with my extra dental kit inside consisting of a toothbrush, floss, and a mini mouthwash to be ready whenever I need a quick boost of confidence.” She gleefully shared.

Choosing the SPARKLE smile


Catriona shares that she chose to be part of the  SPARKLE family after a month of testing out the product, “Like with any brand partnership, I make sure to try out the products and fall in love with them before I consider becoming an endorser, and after using the SPARKLE range for a month, it was an easy yes. I love that their products utilize innovative yet gentle ingredients that deliver really effective results.”

Catriona’s head-turning looks wouldn’t be complete without her arresting smile which is, in part, because of her favorite SPARKLE products, “I’m obsessed with the SPARKLE Fresh and Cool mouthwash because it’s so gentle and contains no alcohol, yet is super powerful against bad breath – which when wearing a face mask constantly is a must,” she excitedly shares.  “And then when it comes to the toothpaste, there are a few variants but my favorite remains to be the original SPARKLE White Toothpaste which gently whitens and has a minty flavor that isn’t too overpowering but leaves my mouth feeling clean,” Catriona added in a statement.

Spoken like a true Beauty Queen


You may think that a smile is just the moving of muscles to form a shape on your mouth but there’s more to it. When you smile, your brain releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, helping your body fight off stress and anxiety while boosting your mood and happiness level.

Smiling isn’t just helpful for you, too, it affects others around you. Smiling at someone, or seeing someone smile at you, creates a connection between you and the person where you can’t help but react by smiling back. And once you do smile, this causes a reaction in your brain where the “reward” center is activated, making you and that other person feel better.

And no one knows this better than Catriona: “In a time of big changes and challenges where it seems like, at times, the world is out to get us, don’t let the world change your smile. Rediscover your sparkle in pursuing your passions, in times with your loved ones, and in reaching out to others.”

As an advocate for Smile Train, an organization that provides free cleft care and gives children the chance to smile, Catriona Gray believes in the true power of sharing a smile with someone, “A smile is the first step in a friendship, a conversation, a symbol of kindness, welcoming, and happiness. It also contributes to our confidence, which is why it’s so, so important for anyone and everyone.” She closes.

No matter what’s going on in your life, make sure you give yourself a chance to smile and sparkle every day to feel good.

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