Let’s delve from the traditional and dive into something new this holiday season – frozen yogurt!

Pinkberry selects and combines fresh ingredients so they taste as good as they are for you. And with all the indulgences over the holiday season, we could use some swirly goodness and real goodies right about now. You can’t go wrong with yogurt made from REAL milk and REAL yogurt – nothing artificial here! Top that with freshly cut fruits and an assortment of ingredients that add a kick, a crunch, or a chew to your Pinkberry yogurt and it’s like a holiday in a cup.

Check out these new offerings from Pinkberry that you can try with your loved ones this holiday season:


Pinkberry Pop (with your choice of toppings)



Pinkberry Sundae (comes in Pistachio, Chocolate Cookie Strawberry, Pistachio Pomegranate, Pistachio Raspberry, Original Strawberry and Hazelnut Strawberry



Matcha Latte smoothie & Matcha Latte yogurt with your choice of toppings



Chocolate Hazelnut yogurt with Cookies & Cream Bubble Waffle




Come to Pinkberry and taste the difference! Pinkberry has 6 locations in Metro Manila. Visit one today!