Oh how time flies so quickly, and so does last season’s trend.  It’s that time of the month again to quench our thirst for the most up to date fashion trends and get a look-out of this month’s cover queens! Let the drum roll rollin’ as STYLEMNL proudly presents to you this month’s, COVER WARS!



First on the line-up is Metro magazine’s August Cover Queen, Jodi Sta. Maria. Metro gets a little more personal as they bring out the ironic and iconic roles of the actress cover girl. From her sweet, candid and well-loved  character in Be Careful with My Heart, Jodi unveils the daring and more powerful Amor Powers of Pangako Sayo in Metro’s cover.

The Personal Style issue fuses both ironic personalities as they project a more daring look for Jodi, but still maintains a touch of sweetness for the darling that she really is. The cover queen is dressed in a sexy and sultry black and leather ensemble from Jerome Salaya Ang’s F/W 2015 collection. To retain a touch of Maya’s sweetness is the pink heel that tones down the whole powerful and daring look. We definitely agree that Jodi turned out to be more powerful in this new feminine look! Celebrate power and femininity with the following fashion finds.






While cover queen Jodi Sta. Maria stunned us all both with power and femininity, Mega’s cover girl Megan Young on the other hand dazed us with her beauty in simplicity. In Mega’s August travel issue, Megan is simply accessorized in two staples: a purple and black fur coat and a plain black retro hair band. Now how is it possible to reign Mega’s cover perfectly with just two accessories? Megan Young makes it possible with her retro-modern look! Now we challenge you to reign a retro-modern look with these two accessories!






Previously, cover girls Jodi and Megan already proved to us that they can both reign with power. Now is Preview’s August cover girl Julie Anne’s  time to shine as she steps inside the spotlight to prove to us that she’s part of the new wave to watch out for. The rising pop star exhibits a daring look in a black see through striped body con dress, with a sexy slit. We are all surprised with this look as we see a more daring and powerful rising pop star! Channel Julie Anne’s look with these items that can instantly make you a rising cover girl as well!



There you have it! We’re now closing the curtains because show’s over for this month’s cover wars. Stay tuned next month as we bring you the hottest cover queens in Philippine fashion!

abby aquino

Advertising savant who loves to write about fashion, styling, travels and everything in between.

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Advertising savant who loves to write about fashion, styling, travels and everything in between.