Loved the thrill and excitement of evaluating the biggest to the tiniest details of this month’s magazine covers at our previous article, Cover Wars? If so, hang on ladies and grab your most stylish lab gowns as we play the role of fashion scientists by dissecting another set of magazine covers, this time, it’s Cover Wars International Edition!

For this experiment, we will analyze three specimens namely: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Now that we have settled our dependent and independent variables, let the experimentation begin!

Specimen 1: CARA DELEVINGNE ON VOGUE July 2015


We cannot deny the fact that all fashion scientists wouldn’t skip today’s experimentation if they have It Girl Cara Delevingne as their primary specimen. For Vogue’s July cover, we observed a couple of fashion findings:

Cara successfully depicted the best of both worlds as she displayed both a mix of modern and vintage perfection! Experimenting two specimens namely modern and vintage, Vogue July ’15 cover girl Cara Delevingne was dressed in a plum empire cut sleeveless blouse adorned by an embellished brooch, which gave a vintage touch to the modern ensemble. The look was further modernized as Cara wore a slightly rebellious/ slightly vintage set of ear cuffs.

Conclusion: With these findings, we therefore conclude that Cara indeed rocked her first solo Vogue Cover!

Fashion scientists, to achieve the modern and vintage look by Vogue July ’15 cover girl Cara Delevingne, these are our recommendations:




For our second experiment, grab your gorgeous goggles and get ready to observe Emilia Clark on Harper’s Bazaar’s July ’15 cover. Upon careful observation, we arrived with the following fashion findings:

Emilia Clarke justifies the fact the she is definitely not just the queen of Game of Thrones, but is also Hollywood’s new princess! We shall all bow down to her dear majesty and hail her scarlet frock, ornamented with sexy scarlet lace and feather collar.

Conclusion: Her highness undoubtedly stunned us all in her sexy scarlet cover girl look!

Stun as all with these recommendations:


Specimen 3: ELLIE GOULDING ON ELLE July 2015


Lastly, let’s experiment and analyze The Body Issue of Elle July ’15 with Ellie Goulding as our independent variable. Calling the fashion scientists for this experiment, you may now analyze the following fashion findings:

Ellie’s fit bod was definitely flaunted as she wore a Dior jumpsuit with a matching top in hues of navy, white and yellow. The “fabulously fit size 18 supermodel” carried this outfit very well not only because her Dior one piece garment fitted her perfectly ,but also because she herself was the perfect fit for ELLE’s fitness and body issue.

Conclusion: Ellie is absolutely for ELLE July ’15!

These recommendations are perfectly fitted for you!


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Advertising savant who loves to write about fashion, styling, travels and everything in between.