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In a crowd of good looking models, standing out is a constant struggle, a battle that needs to be taken seriously, and David knows that. Keen and driven with passion to make it big in the industry, 21 years old Filipino Chinese model, David Licauco, is following his guts, and staying true to his core to achieve his goal in no time.

What’s the most challenging part of building a career in the Philippines

The most challenging part of building a career here is that there are so much people who have similar goals, aspirations and dreams as me. It’s really tough because to get noticed in the industry, you must really have to stand out. At the same time, I have to admit that it’s really hard to start from the bottom, and you really have to work hard to get your name out there.4

 What is the reason behind your dream of being an Actor? 

The reason why I want to get into show business is because I really do enjoy acting. It pushes me to my limits! I’m also a believer that we have to live life to the fullest, and that we gotta try everything life has to offer to us, so I would like to grab this opportunity.

 Who’s your favorite local actor? International actor?

I admire Daniel Padillia and Leonardo De Caprio. They’re really passionate and good at acting.


Where were you discovered?

Everything started in Laboracay 2013. It was the very first time someone approached me and offered me a modeling gig. I was still in the CSB Basketball team back then so when he asked me about it, the first thing that came up to my mind was “Uy, pogi pala ako.” I was so flattered, I even texted my parents and friends about it! Haha!


What are your hobbies or favorite past time?

Playing basketball, working out and watching movies.

How do you find this industry?

It’s really challenging. There are so many talented and good-looking guys out there, so I’m still constantly asking myself, “What’s my edge over them, and how do I get better at what I do?” 


What are your aspirations in life and career?

I’m currently in my last term in CSB. After graduating, I plan to go abroad for a bit to relax and reflect on what I really want to pursue in life. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so If I don’t become successful in Showbiz, I’d probably just help my parents’ business and hopefully have my own.

 Who’s your style hero?

Myself. Haha!

What’s your fitness regimen?

I start my workouts by doing 20-30 minutes of Cardio. I then proceed to targeting specific muscles of my body, and It usually varies per day. The first day, I work on my chest, then the next day, my back, etc.


Message to all of your followers and fans.

Hey guys! Thank you for all your support and I promise to make you guys proud one day. Smile emoticon

 What’s next in your career? 

I take it day by day.

What’s the most challenging part of being a model? 

The most challenging part of being a model is that I can’t eat everything I want!

 On the contrary, what’s the most fulfilling part of being a model? 

The moment you see yourself in Magazines, TV Ads or Billboards.


 Do you consider yourself famous? Why or why not? 


Nope. Not until I get 1 million followers! Haha!

 Favorite part of your body? 

I worked hard it! So I guess my Abs.

 What is your ideal girl look like? 

I easily get attracted to fit girls.


 What would it take you to achieve your dreams?

I have to work on my weaknesses. I feel like I need to attend more acting workshops, and of course stay dedicated and hungry.

 Your guiding principle in life and career?

 Believe in yourself. Start now. Be consistent. Stay humble.

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