Following the success of FINO Leatherware’s mask line called La Mascherina, the brand is proud to announce an exciting off-shoot, La Mascherina Limitado.

The new series is the brainchild of FINO’s fashion consultant, Luis Espiritu, who envisioned a luxurious take on the utilitarian mask. This means using three layers of thermo-welded filters behind a shell mask made from exotic patterned cowhide. With the marriage of function and style, Limitado is designed not just to protect, but also to lift our spirits in these trying times. 

Luis and FINO owners Rommel and Rose Ann Bautista were unanimous with their choice for Limitado’s image model. For them, Hannah Locsin exemplifies FINO’s ethos. Hannah, who has been getting media mileage due to her ramp and commercial modeling work in global fashion capitals, has her own strong sense of individual style, yet she comes off as real and approachable. 

For the international model, signing on for the Limitado project presented exciting opportunities. For one, Hannah is eager to work with Filipino brands again after a long stretch of posing and swanning for major foreign fashion brands. The project also gives the model – a Communication Arts graduate – the chance to flex her creative muscle, with Rommel and Rose Ann giving her free reign to express the Limitado spirit. Most of all, co-creating Limitado’s social media campaign is an opportunity to support social advocacy. 

Though FINO has always been a darling of the fashion press circles, not much is known about its corporate philosophy. Since starting the business more than twenty years ago, Rommel and Rose have always supported an equitable exchange for their employees. Apart from their salaries, FINO’s office staff and leathercraft artisans get additional assistance, including housing, health, and other allowances, as well as educational assistance for their dependents. 

In a campaign titled “Unbound”, Limitado debuts with Luis Espiritu’s Vinta collection. The Vinta series’ signature geometric patterns can now be seen in the new edition masks, made from luxurious croc and snakeskin-print leathers, as well as other top-grade hides from top French tanneries. 

Behind the vibrant patterns, colors and textures is a reusable and washable filter developed by Rommel himself. It is made from high-quality foam, which is thermally-fused between two soft nylon fabric liners for added comfort. 

“I’m a surgeon and a biker,” explains Rommel. “So these masks are nothing new to me, and I understand their utility. The filters that we use can’t be penetrated easily by microbes.”

Limitado’s Vinta collection is apt for the times with reusable filters that reflect the brand’s conscientious slant. The bold patterns, meanwhile, convey strength, while the colors evoke a sense of hope. These are Limitado’s values which you can take with you while navigating the world’s new normal.

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