Vacation blues are back and with the temperature in Manila almost hitting the 40s, I would definitely pull a Lana Del Rey and have a serious case of summertime sadness if I was stuck in this sweltering hot city. School’s out and summer’s at an all-time high; people are bound to get itchy feet. I feel like I’m speaking for everyone when I say that there really is something about summer that makes people restless and more adventurous. It’s a season where people are motivated to travel twice as much, as if staying in one place over the course of two months is a pathetic excuse to live life.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re headed to the city of love or to the sunny beaches of Batangas, it is an absolute must that your #ootd’s be on point whenever and wherever you go.  What better way to kick off the summer heat than to add a splash of floral to your wardrobe. Before you scoff and say “not my steeze”, hear me out. From bold blooms to pale primroses, florals are versatile. The trend has a unique way of incorporating itself into all kinds of styles. Gone are the days when florals are only limited to girly, romantic personalities. Vogue’s Alexandra Shulman herself has pointed out that today’s florals go from sport, pastels, to techno. Without giving up your steeze, a touch of flower power can be just the thing to switch up your summer wardrobe in time for that next trip. Inside all of us is a flower child waiting to burst forth!

Trust me, there’s a perfect floral piece out there for wherever you’re headed this summer and with a little help, your wardrobe will be in full bloom (pun intended) and ready to go in no time!


If you are sick of the heat and are dying to go someplace cooler like Japan, comfy sweaters and posh parkas are your go-to pieces. In a place where cherry blossoms are considered cool all-year round, your florals will fit just right in! Bright floral prints that are set on a neutral canvas scream terminally chill and overall create a moodier, more relaxed vibe.

If cold climates are just not your steeze and you thrive on sand and sunlight, cop the floral fusion trend with lightweight fabrics and relaxed cuts. When you’re wearing a flowy dress splattered with vibrant florals, drinking buko juice and taking walks by the shore never looked this good! This season is big on print-on-print and if there’s anywhere you can get away with a full-on floral number, it would definitely be at the beach.


On the other hand, if you are one of the few who is -unfortunately- stuck at the office or in summer school for the season, know that the city’s not that bad. There are a million ways to keep cool in Metro Manila! Whether you prefer taking a dip in the pool, going shopping around the metro or curling up with a good book at Starbucks for the whole afternoon, your outfits don’t have to look bored just because you are sometimes! What’s awesome about florals is that they are ultimately considered statement pieces. Pairing your floral number with easy sandals and minimal make-up will help you look fresh and clean all throughout your summer adventures right here in the city.

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Much like the ones planted in gardens, florals continue to pop up in all kinds of places and in all kinds of seasons, whether it be winter in New York or summer in Milan. With the trend constantly reinventing itself, florals have continued to dominate both the runway and the streets. And with this being said, I’ll bet my latest Michael Kors summer dress that florals are definitely here to stay.

Photos and Video courtesy of ZALORA Philippines



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