At this point, most of you girls are cramming, thinking of what would be your look for the coming Halloween. Don’t worry, we are serving you just the right amount of inspiration and how you can easily pull off these Halloween looks without sacrificing your appearance. And oh- for the bonus, your look will be easily recognized.

Here’s an idea! Let’s try to break the tradition of the prevalent all blacks and fake bloods. Freaky Friday will not be the theme this year, as we’re going for sophistication and class.

We aim to stand out, sparkle, and outshine the darkness of dull and gore with costumes that look expensive but won’t burn a hole in your purse.

Grace that party in these four classy costume inspirations as Audrey Hepburn would say “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades away.”


decades babyTwiggy w

I. EZRA Colourblock dress | II.Pink Tequila Dangling Earrings | III.Spring Fling Open-Toe Ladies Shoes | IV. Envy Bangles | VI. TRESemme Extra Hold Styling Mousse, Mega Volume Masscara, Eyeheel eyeliner

The revival of the decades has been one of the hottest trends in the past seasons. The 60’s was a time of colors where the flower children bloomed. Set your spirits free with an ensemble of warm colors, bright tones, a little glitter and light make-up. What better way to bring it back than through Twiggy.

The key is color blocking the brights with neutral colors like black and white. Twiggy’s usual style is A-line dresses with loose fits and sometimes with boat necklines. Zalora PH offers the dresses below that are perfect for this peg. The colors are bright enough to make you stand out of the conformist throng of black, blood, and beast. Fashion Hub by Dayan Hernandez Ava Dress in red, CLN Carmina dress in yellow, EZRA by Zalora Sleeveless colourblock black shift dress, CLN Cara dress in red


For the shoes, the 60’s clean look patronized white footwear. These low-heeled heels from Zalora PH would flatter any of the dresses. For consistency, you may match the yellow hinted pair with the yellow dress.


60’s makeup revolved around heavy mascara and pale translucent skin powder. The face is more on neutral grounds so L.A. Mineral Pressed Powder Creamy Natural will do and a little flush by L.A. colors Mineral Blush Tenderling can flatter. Big eyes were a running theme so it’s best to put white VOV Eyeliner Pencil no. 9 on your waterline (rather than black) to open up your eyes and make them look wider. Also smudge some of the liner on your eyelid for emphasis. Using the VOV Eye Heel Pen Eyeliner no. 1 (brush), line just a smidge above the natural crease of your eyes. Afterwards, line your lids. Dramatize your lashes with falsies or applying WET N WILD Mega Volume Mascara generously after curling them. For the “twiggy”, use the VOV Eyeliner to group your lower lashes together. Finish with the Velvet Nude Lip Gloss paint for that hippie neutral lip.  Get these powders, eye liners, mascara, and lipgloss are available in Zalora PH.


For the coiffed bob, comb hair while wet, then add TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Mousse. It’s better if you haven’t washed your hair because it’s stiffer and has more hold. You may buy this at Zalora PH as well.


cinema lasscarrey mulligan


I. LOLA SKYE Silver All Over Sequin Dress | II.Gold Medallion headband | III.PINK TEQUILA Tone Stone Encrusted Cuff Bracelet | IV. MIA CASA Charm Bracelet  | V. TWINKY Silver Heels Closed | VI. ZALORA Premium Beauty Urban Decay Naked Palette, Multiplier Mascara Black no. 1, WET N WILD Color Icon Blusher Heather Silk, VOV Skilky Fit Lipstick no. 197

If anyone had optimized the 1920’s fashion, it was Coco Chanel – the shapeless dresses, pearls, and designs that gave women the freedom they wanted. With the release of The Great Gatsby, Daisy’s (Carey Mulligan) style came back and was remembered for its opulence and grandeur. The mix of elegant short dresses, shimmering jewelry, and playful flappers in a 20’s party is the classier version of the modern untamed scenes.

Don’t be afraid of a little, or in this case, A LOT of sparkle. Recreating this look requires detailed pieces such as the LOLA SKYE Silver All Over Sequin Dress and TWINKY Silver Heels Closed. If you would like to add extra textures, consider a pale purple boa. You can party the night away with this easy yet classy getup without the hassles of maintaining the dress or running in these heels because these Zalora PH items are very sturdy and breezy.


The Gold Medallion headband from CLAIRE’s will frame your head so that any light that would hit you would make you shine the brightest. Stack the PINK TEQUILA Tone Stone Encrusted Cuff Bracelet with a MIA CASA Charm Bracelet because this outfit cannot be complete without pearls.

For the styling, separate your fringe from the side then use a thin comb to fix the body. Curl the longer bangs with TRESemmé mousse to hold it in place to get the signature hairstyle.

Keep neutral tones with your makeup to balance out the glam happening in your costume. Use Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in brown to create soft arches. With ZALORA Premium Beauty Urban Decay Naked Palette, use the slightly dark browns for you creases and the lights for the inner corners and below the eyebrows. Add a little flutter with the Multiplier Mascara Black no. 1. For the natural blush, WET N WILD Color Icon Blusher Heather Silk will give your cheeks a natural flush, while the VOV Skilky Fit Lipstick no. 197 will leave your lips with a natural light pink tone. Now be the dancing disco queen that you are and sparkle through the night.





old glamcleopatra

I. SOMETHING BORROWED Slit Sleek Dress | II. CLAIRE’S Gold Medallion Headband | III.EMO Gold and Bronze Bracelet| IV. Mango Embossed Metal Cuff | V. RYDAX FOOTWEAR Gold Flat Sandals | VI. VOV Goodbye Eyebrow Pencil no. 11, Make-Up Studio Blue Frost Super Frost Eyeshadow Box, Extreme Coloured Lengthening Black no. 1 mascara, ZALORA Premium Beauty Lip Fusion Liquid Lipstick Naked

It’s the age of feminism! Show some strength and entitlement by becoming the most beautiful female ruler of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra. Rule the party. Draw attention with your regality and glamour. The look is composed of gold, glitter, and dramatic eye action. Nothing but the best for royalty!

The dresses Cleopatra had the perfect balance of classy and sexy with just the right amount of skin tease and accentuation of curves. The SOMETHING BORROWED Tulip Wrap Dress with Belt or the SOMETHING BORROWED Slit Sleek Dress has the ideal flow. RYDAX FOOTWEAR Gold Flat Sandals or Mendrez Mhay Slip-ons will go great as the gold accents to the ensemble.


Add some head glitter with CLAIRE’S Gold Medallion Headband as your golden crown. If you want you may sport a short wig and embellish the ends like the photo of Cleopatra. A Mango Embossed Metal Cuff each on your wrists will be the last touch of gold. All these dresses, sandals, and accessories can be found at Zalora PH.

Start with defining your eyebrows with the VOV Goodbye Eyebrow Pencil no. 11 to a perfect arch. The shape depends on your eyebrow shape but Cleopatra had tadpole-shaped brows.

After the picture Cleopatra (1962), Elizabeth Taylor and her bright colorful eye shadow and cat eyes swept the fashion world by storm. With Zalora PH’s beauty products, you can recreate this look. Once applying a primer, using a flat eyeshadow brush, add a bright, light blue colour to your lid and into the crease of your eyelid with the Make-Up Studio Blue Frost Super Frost Eyeshadow Box. Use the VOV Eye Heel Pen Eyeliner no. 1 (brush) to line around your eye and reach out until the end of your eyebrow for the signature cat eyes. This is the tricky part so practice in advance. Use falsies or the Extreme Coloured Lengthening Black no. 1 mascara on your lashes. Finish this look with a nude lip from ZALORA Premium Beauty Lip Fusion Liquid Lipstick Naked.



disney princesssnow white

I. F. 101 Lariza Blouse | II. SPRING FLING’s Hair Clip | III. SEVENTH STREET Silk Skirt in yellow| IV. DAVID JONES Clutch in brilliant red | V. MEL Chantilly Peep-Toe heels | VI. VOV Styler Browcara no. 1, WET N WILD Mega Plump Mascara, COLLECTION Volume Sensation Lipstick Ruby Red no. 3, ZALORA’S PREMIUM BEAUTY Physician’s Formula Correcting Bronzer

 Be the fairest in the land by being one of the most beloved and first Disney princess. Be the envy of all the evil witches with your dazzling outfit and personality. If you want an easy yet eye-catching outfit then this is the perfect theme to go for. This look is Snow White in the modern era. It’s simple, flirty, and cute, both in the innocent and sexy contexts. Get swept off your feet with maybe 7 hunks and your prince charming.

The crop-top is quite popular since the return of the decades and it is still making a debut in this outfit. The F. 101 Lariza Blouse is the perfect shade of blue to match with the SEVENTH STREET Silk Skirt in yellow. Wear the SOMETHING BORROWED Patent Bow belt to add definition to your waist and to break the strong colors. For one of the key red pieces, you have the MEL Chantilly Peep-Toe heels with delicate bows and curved shape that stays consistent to Snow White’s soft features.

Instead of bringing an apple, take this DAVID JONES Clutch in brilliant red. It’s totally safe and easier to carry that a poisonous fruit!

Wearing a red headband with a big bow will overpower your already extra vibrant clutch and shoes. So the last red piece you have is SPRING FLING’s Hair Clip with a small bow.

What you can notice from the princess’ face is the soft brows. The VOV Styler Browcara no. 1 with a powdery texture expresses natural eyebrows and it is fast fit and long-lasting. However, you can accentuate your eyelashes and lips with the WET N WILD Mega Plump Mascara and COLLECTION Volume Sensation Lipstick Ruby Red no. 3. For the natural glow and conturing, ZALORA’S PREMIUM BEAUTY Physician’s Formula Correcting Bronzer corrects, brightens, and gives your faces a natural glow and shapes your cheekbones, chin, hairline, and nose.



All products from ZALORA PHILIPPINES | Text by Pat Agbada

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