Here’s a simple trick that you must master! Thank us later.

Whether you’re traveling in a chilly country or spending the holidays at the beach one dilemma that all of us face is that: how do you pack light on your next trip, while having all your photo-ready OOTD’s ready?

More often than not you would need to haul bigger suitcases to fit all your pre-planned outfits, just for you to perfect all your OOTD shots, sometimes you won’t have the luxury of throwing every single item in your closet into a bag. So it pays to know how to pack light while remaining fashionable.

There are ways on how to keep your wardrobe tight without sacrificing style.

Opt for neutral or simple color palette

Simplify your combos by packing items that belongs to the same family of color. This makes it easier for you to mix and match without sacrificing style and aesthetics. A tri-color palette is always a good choice that goes a long way whenever you travel abroad. Take, Beige, brown and yellow as an example, these three simple colors compliment each other. Yellow being the primary tone that will standout from your outfit with Brown and beige as supplementary and supporting hues to complete your look.

Accentuate wisely

Make use of accessory pieces that will instantly accentuate your look and will speak of attitude, and will successfully arrest focal attention whenever you pose for that OOTD. You may use necklaces, earrings, bangles and even scarves as look punctuators to complete your combo. Over-accessorizing is never an option, so be sure to pick top items that’ll match majority of your wardrobe.


Do not be afraid to mix and match

Mixing and matching items from your luggage is the best way to go. Trust us when we say that you can definitely create three different looks with one just pair of leggings, or even a Parka jacket can create four looks just pair it accordingly. Treat your luggage like a mobile capsule wardrobe and you will survive!

Do not bring too much shoes

Aside from being bulky, shoes also eats up a lot of space in your luggage. Narrow your shoes down to one or two pairs, ideally ones that balance functionality and aesthetics and you’ll thank yourself later for showing restraint.

Roll it!

Instead of folding and stacking your clothes, giving them a tight roll is a good way to decrease the space occupied by your wardrobe.

For shirts, fold them in thirds lengthwise and then roll tightly from the bottom. For pants, simply fold in half and do the same. You’ll find that you can pack a lot more if you simply take the time to make every garment as compact as possible.

Follow these tricks and you’d never have to drag a massive suitcase just to perfect your OOTD’s on your next trip. 


About the Author

Ed Lorenzo is a PR and Marketing practitionaer who loves fashion, photography and traveling. Follow him on instagram and twitter @edryanlorenzo to get to know more of his sojourn.