As the world slowly shifts into the post-pandemic era, more people are re-learning the importance of self-care. Everyone is trying to be the 2.0 versions of themselves, whether that’s physically, emotionally, or mentally. You best believe TRIZIE is doing the same!

Last year, wellness enthusiasts were introduced to the Philippines’ first-ever fiber jelly, which made gut health easier, yummier, and funner. The black currant-flavored jelly was packed with a Thermogenic Fiber Blend, Inulin, Wheat, and Fructooligasacharide Powders, for gut health and metabolic boost, as well as superfoods, Alfalfa, Broccoli, and Dandelion, to boost immunity and strength.

And because TRIZIE is on a mission to make everyone’s wellness journey a convenient and accessible one, the new Complete Jelly 2.0 has x2 more supergreens, doubling the high nutritional density and fiber content. Two times more supergreens also increases the ready-to-eat Jelly’s power to balance your gut, reduce inflammation, and give your body a more complete detox!

You can eat 1-3 sachets of the on-the-go jelly for better gut health anytime during the day. Of course, listen to your digestive system’s needs. As everyone has different levels of sensitivities, if you feel like one sachet is enough for you, that’s okay!

It takes two to complete your night routine: Because TRIZIE fiber-rich supplements contain unique blends of natural ingredients, a lot of them are more effective when used together! Case in point: pairing Complete Jelly 2.0 with the crowd-favorite Clean Fiber. Promoting a more sustainable and holistic health routine, the TRIZIE duo’s supergreen content complement each other in elevating your daily nutrient intake and improving your overall digestive health. Double the wellness!

Together, they give your body an ultra-potent blend of natural prebiotics and fiber that will help boost your weight loss efforts, stimulate a faster metabolism, and provide your body with a ton of antioxidants against viruses and free radicals. IT TAKES TWO to complete your fiber and superfood experience!

You can take both anytime during the day. TRIZIE recommends incorporating them into your nighttime routine for visible results within 6-8 hours! Simply mix the Clean Fiber with water, drink, and follow it with a sachet of Complete Jelly 2.0. You’ll wake up feeling light and energetic, ready to conquer the day!

TRIZIE Complete Jelly 2.0 (P495/5 starter pack sachets; P1,195/10 sachets) is available online at Lazada, Shopee, BeautyMNL, and BFF Manila.

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