We can now reminisce Carson (Maja Salvador) and Dio’s (Paulo Avelino) whirlwind friendship and love story as JP Habac’s 2017 hit “I’m Drunk I Love You” is now available on TBA Studiosyoutube channel for free.

This movie tells a story of two college best friends who decided to go on their last road trip together in La Union before graduation, only to find out their true feelings and intentions for each other as their day passed by in the beach downing bottles of alcohol and enjoying a music festival. Brings back all the hugot feels? Better watch this with a bottle of beer or shots in tow, with Bagnet as your pulutan!

This may also be a sign if it’s now the perfect time to confess your feelings to your crush or best friend for years, just like what Carson did!

JP Habac alongside the #IDILY cast Maja Salvador, Jasmine Curtis Smith, Dominic Roco, and Thou Reyes with Cacai Bautista will also have a Facebook Live sesh in partnership with Lockdown Cinema Club this Wednesday, April 29, 2020, at the Cinema ’76 Film Society Facebook Page! This is for their COVID-19 efforts for the no-work, no pay, low-income film workers.

Check out their official Facebook fan page for more details!

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