This season is about all things new. Known for their strong sensibilities and personal branding, James and Nadine are set to bring a new energy to Filipino local brand, Folded & Hung.

This campaign has made its rounds everywhere, and we can say that we have saved this story for the longest time in order to give you a first-hand information about the background of Folded & Hung’s latest holiday collection featuring none other than the country’s hottest and most fashionable celebrity couple, James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

We sat down with the brand’s newly-helmed Creative Director, Eldz Mejia to know more about the inspirations, brand’s DNA and identity that’s well-fitted to its newest endorsers James and Nadine.

Eldz’s extensive background in editorial and publishing will bring a fresh and more fashion-forward approach to Folded & Hung. Even more so in a generation driven by digital media where an image is consumed rapidly. Following his debut last Pre-Holiday season, this latest campaign further marks his creative vision to Folded & Hung.

(On Nadine) Rainbow folded&hung logo tee, P499.75; Denim lace-up skirt, P849.75; (On James) Colorblocked folded&hung logo tee, P599.75; Distressed denim jeans, P1199.75

What is the main inspiration of Folded&Hung’s latest collection?

The Holiday 2017 collection is mainly inspired by the 1970s, where it was all about free spirit, glamour, and disco. It was also a decade of revolution when it comes to expressing and standing up for what they believe in, equal rights, feminism, and sexual liberation. So you will see both the glam side and subtle details of statement in different pieces.


As the newest creative director of the brand, how do you want the customers to view or perceive the brand’s style?

Folded & Hung has always been a brand that likes to push the boundaries of the local retail scene. It’s edgy and forward-thinking, while still being representative of the personalities and interests of each generation. The market today consumes fashion in a different way – and they spend the majority of their time online, looking for inspiration and styles to try. Coming from a publishing background, I understand how people’s tastes shift on an almost day to day basis. With people being more informed because of digital media, I think it’s also important to present a complete and coherent brand image that people will see as authentic and at the same time aspire to be part of.

(On Nadine) Ruffled off-shoulder top, P1199.75; Denim shorts, P799.75; (On James) Knitted sweater, P1199.75; Pique shirt, P799.75; Cropped pants with piping seam, P1199.75

Why did you select Nadine and James to embody the latest brand collection of Folded&Hung?

I’d like to think that James and Nadine embody the modern youth. They’re both very self-aware, have strong personal styles, and really understand how to present themselves at a time where people’s main source of inspiration is Instagram and social media.


What are your inspirations in creating this latest campaign?
Since I joined Folded & Hung last season, we strengthened this image of a cool squad with different personalities that everyone can relate to. Our hashtag #WeAreFoldedandHung is all about celebrating each individual’s strengths, passions, and styles. As James and Nadine are really one of the hottest and most in-demand celebrities today, we wanted to introduce them to everyone in the coolest way possible. There are two levels to the campaign: the first one literally puts the spotlight on the couple as they arrive in Folded & Hung and representing the brand’s new direction. The second one features them joining the Folded & Hung holiday party.


(On James) Brown suede jacket, P2499.75; Button-down, P1099.99; Skinny jeans with statement embroidery, P1299.75; (On Nadine) Metallic pleated dress, P999.75

How was it working with James and Nadine, especially for this new brand collection?

James and Nadine were both professional and quite hands-on during the shoot. Prior to the shooting, Nadine expressed her interest to choose to wear clothes for the campaign that she felt she would really wear in real life. I feel like that’s a great quality for someone representing Folded & Hung. We want everyone to feel confident in our clothes, that our pieces really speak to each individual’s personal style. Both James and Nadine actually got first dibs on the collection and got to take home star pieces from the collection – like the checkered raw-edge shirt James wore on one of the campaign photos.

What do you F&H avid followers can expect in the coming season?
They can expect a complete brand experience. In-store, online, digital, and much more. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary next year, and we are just beginning.

See the rest of the campaign collection after the jump and the behind the scenes video. You are most welcome!

(On James) Plaid button down, P1099.75; Skinny jeans, P1099.75; (On Nadine) Logo tee, P699.75; White shorts, P499.75

(Left) Cuban collar button-down shirt, P1099.75; Denim jeans, P1099.75; (Right) Floral button-down shirt, P1099.75; Army green button down outer shirt, P2099.75; Denim jeans, P1199.75

(Left) Yellow “1998” logo tee, P499.75; Denim jacket, P1499.75; Leather skirt, P799.75; (Right) Floral kimono top, P999.75; Ruffled denim jeans, P1099.75


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