Craft a winning resume & land your dream job with JobStreet’s webinar featuring thought leaders. Learn how to showcase your strengths & stand out from the rest.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced applicant, the hiring process always starts with submitting an essential document—a resume. While job interviews get you hired, a resume determines the success of your job hunting from the get-go.

Leading online job portal JobStreet by SEEK believes that crafting a winning resume will give you an edge in landing your next big career move. Especially with the graduation season around the corner, fresh graduates have to step up and present themselves to the best of their abilities.

According to a study by JobStreet, an average HR person takes only 30 seconds to browse each resume, and about 70% of these do not even reach hiring managers. In line with this, JobStreet fortifies its dedication to empowering jobseekers through its recent webinar entitled Creating a Winning Resume featuring thought leaders—Jheric Delos Angeles, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at BUKAS; Myke Celis, Multi-awarded Global Master Coach, and International Best-selling Author; and Kim Viray, Head of Marketing at JobStreet Philippines.

Resume is a storytelling document

There’s no real formula for creating a very good resume. Although it has the same parts and structure, each one is unique depending on personal experiences and background, and this is where your advantage comes in. To get hired with a standout resume, take the time to ponder and ask yourself: What makes you unique? What makes you you? Instead of listing your daily tasks, include the details that will allow the reader to get at least a glimpse of what you have contributed to your previous employer. On the other hand, fresh graduates may include extra-curricular activities and volunteer work.

“Finding a company that matches your values starts with storytelling. When you allow them to get to know you and see where you’re coming from, you will finally get hired,” said Jheric Delos Angeles.

Tailor your resume to the job

While trying to convey your story, ensure that all added information is relevant to the role and the company you are applying for. Substance over form, quality over quantity. A hiring manager is always looking for people who can add value to the company, which is why it is necessary to do your research, know their preferences, and customize your resume and cover letter accordingly.

As much as necessary, highlight your experience and skills that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. It pays to leave an impression that your job application is a conscious decision and that you are well-aware of the role. Lastly, avoid mass-sending similar copies.

“What could get you hired is how you think – how you think about the entire process, this application, yourself, your strategy, what you are doing to make yourself the most hirable candidate, your attitude, and how you face acceptance and defeat. That is what would get you hired. The resume is just the beginning,” Myke Celis shared.

Keep your resume professional

A resume, being the first thing a hirer would see from you, is critical. Therefore, be cautious and pay attention to every detail. Professionalism is a big factor in the corporate world, as it shows reliability and credibility, which are basic requirements in all companies. Use a formal photograph, avoid code names in email addresses by using your first and last name, check grammar and spelling, use a neat font, and be consistent and factual.

“Just like creating a winning resume, this is just the beginning towards success. We have lined up a series of events for the rest of the year to fulfill our team’s mission which is to provide support and jobs to every Filipino,” said Kim Viray, JobStreet Philippines Head of Marketing.

“We will ensure that there will be less friction when it comes to your overall job search process in the JobStreet platform,” he added.

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