Lay Bare Waxing Salon, a pioneer in the hair removal industry, proudly announces its 18th anniversary with the launch of an exciting new digital commercial. The campaign underscores the brand’s commitment to inclusivity by promoting its renowned Brazilian waxing service, which is available to all genders and ages.

Established in 2006 by the visionary Hilario siblings, Paolo, Fiona, and Monique, Lay Bare was created to provide privacy, comfort, and a safe space for waxing sessions. On June 4, 2006, the first Lay Bare branch opened in Filmore, Makati, offering an unparalleled hair-free experience. The salon featured comfortable beds and private cubicles, establishing itself as a sanctuary for quality hair removal services. Lay Bare revolutionized hair removal by using natural ingredients such as honey, sugar, and calamansi in its cold waxing technique.

“Our journey began 18 years ago with a simple vision: to provide exceptional hair removal services in a comfortable and welcoming environment,” said Paolo Hilario, President of Lay Bare Waxing Philippines Inc. “Today, we celebrate our growth and evolution with a campaign that highlights our dedication to inclusivity and quality service for everyone.”

Boost Advertising Agency, a 360-degree agency renowned for its effective humanized strategies, crafted the commercial. It showcases the features, benefits, and real advantages of Lay Bare’s Brazilian waxing service. By emphasizing creativity, fun, and engagement with a distinct Pinoy flair, the digital material reflects Lay Bare’s ethos of providing beauty beyond aesthetics, promoting hair-free confidence and hygiene to all its clients.

“Working with Boost Advertising Agency allowed us to capture the essence of our brand while emphasizing the inclusivity of our services,” commented Lay Bare’s Head of Marketing, Ms. Darlene Epino. “Our Brazilian waxing service is designed for all genders and ages, reinforcing our commitment to catering to a diverse market.”

The digital commercial, entitled “Napapa-Uy,” features a specially written song of the same title that captures the funny antics and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who listens and watches. You can view the digital commercial on Lay Bare’s official social media pages – Facebook and Instagram.

Lay Bare’s expansion from a single waxing salon to a nationwide franchise testifies to its quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the brand’s innovations, such as the Lay Bare Mobile App for seamless booking with enhanced features like the referral program, have continually improved their clients’ experience. As Lay Bare celebrates its 18th anniversary, the brand looks forward to continuing its legacy of excellence and innovation. The new digital commercial is a fitting tribute, reflecting Lay Bare’s dedication to inclusivity, creativity, and engagement.

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