All ye, travelers! Rejoice! Here’s an early Christmas treat from AirAsia!

Supermoon is not just the ‘big thing’ that’s going to happen tomorrow!  Philippines AirAsia, the leading lowcost airline in the country is set to dish out their “free seats” promo for this year.

Starting tomorrow, November 14, Monday, customers can book an all-in, one-way fares to select countries. Check out Shanghai, visit the tallest building in Taipei, wander around Hong Kong to see Disneyland, and have a side trip to Macau, or fly to Singapore if you want! You can also visit Korea or feel truly Asian in Malaysia, for as low as 202 Php.

The trip however is between May 1, 2017-all hail for the labor day- until February 6 of year 2018. Grab this chance and be guided by the long weekends for next year!

So, if you have been bitten, or should we say, always experiencing a travel bite, be sure to check out Philippines AirAsia’s website and mobile app to score a seat from this promo.

Below are other countries you can plot on your list: Mauritius, Delhi and Maldives, as well as local flights to Cebu, Davao, and Tagbilaran.


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