True to its values, Seiko Prospex welcomes the year on a brighter perspective as they launched a new set of time tellers that challenges every limit for sports lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, in the sky, or on land.

“Seize the Sunrise” is Seiko’s latest campaign in partnership with Reef Check Philippines featuring the 2nd Philippine Limited Edition Seiko Prospex watch and four additional new releases in the Seiko Prospex collection. Inspired by the Philippines’ majestic and breathtaking sunrise with its bright yellow dial finished with a gold bezel that is protected by an elegant sapphire with an anti-reflective coating.

Just last January 11, Seiko landed its very first event for the year featuring  several special guests to discuss the setbacks they endured during the past year that helped them prepare for the new opportunities and adventures that await them this new year, further emphasizing Seiko’s global brand message of “Keep Going Forward.” Basketball phenom Kiefer Ravena, content creator Wil Dasovich, and watch collector Jordan Bergantin graced the event that was hosted by model and host, Rovilson Fernandez.

Expressing his admiration for the 2nd Philippine Limited Edition Seiko Prospex, Jordan Bergantin emphasized the beauty of the warm yellow dial and spot-on contrast of the watch and how it reflects the color of the center, which greatly justifies the inspiration of the watch.

“Seiko as a brand has always stood out and is one of the [most] respected Japanese brands. I’ve always thought they’re one of – if not – the best Japanese brand[s]. They’re one of the most recognizable brands also in horology. [Seiko] have a wide variety of watches that caters to all and can be enjoyed by anyone,” he shared.

Known for his travel videos, Wil Dasovich reflected on the value of keeping a timepiece with him, and how it has made him make the most of every adventure.

“Whether I need to do an activity that is only available during the morning and then I [need to] run to the next one midday, I have to be at a certain place by nighttime, so it all comes back to time. And I mean, if you aren’t on it, then you’re going to miss all these opportunities, these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. And on top of that, it’s going to be expensive because a lot of this stuff, you can’t get it back.” he said.

Professional diver Merese Secades also sent in a video message during the event to share how owning a Seiko watch plays a part in her success.

“In freediving, every second counts. But having a Seiko Prospex…is helpful to give me a sense of security and control and to monitor every second…when I’m underwater. Sometimes I challenge my limits and go deeper than I’m used to, and I’m glad that Prospex can be with my bolder self.”

Partnering for sustainability and Marine Conservation

Hailed as the “center of the center” of aquatic biodiversity, the Philippine Sea is home to 2,500 species of fish, with more than 16,800 square kilometers of coral reefs that cover the major portion of the coral triangle. However, this picture-perfect marine life biodiversity is facing a bleak future due to ongoing decimation.

“In the past 30 years, we’ve already lost 50% of all the coral reefs in the world. And scientists who have been studying this are saying that if we continue living the way we are living right now, or if we don’t change at all, or if we get worse, we are going to lose 90% of all coral reefs in the entire world.” shared Vani Vergara, President of Reef Check Philippines.

Expressing that time is of the essence, Vergara encouraged event attendees to willingly participate and do their part in raising awareness to conserve what’s left of the country’s ocean resources, especially with the marine wildlife situation getting progressively worse during the course of the pandemic.

Reef Check is a non-government organization that promotes the stewardship of sustainable reef communities across the globe. This collaboration aims to raise awareness on how people can help preserve and protect marine-life species, and for the next generation to continue seizing the sunrise.

A closer look at the Seiko Prospex Collection

In line with Seiko’s partnership with Reef Check Philippines to help preserve the country’s marine wildlife and habitat, a portion of the sales made in the Prospex Save the Ocean series will go into marine conservation efforts as a part of the brand’s initiative to support this cause and advocate to stop climate change.

The Prospex SLA055 and SLA057, a pair of watches made to reflect its heritage and are made with Seiko’s ever-brilliant high-grade steel and Zaratsu finish to give a refined, stylish look while protecting against common external factors such as corrosion.

The subtle gradation of the blue from light to dark dial mirrors the imagery of polar ice, while the fabric strap exquisitely incorporates the strength and resistance that comes with the traditional Japanese braiding technique called Seichu to meet the standards of every Seiko Prospex diver.

To learn more about Seiko’s latest offerings you may click this link, and follow their socials at @SeikoPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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