This place will make your smile brighter and whiter in less than an hour! You read it right, in less than an hour. Wondering How? Dig below.

This is The Smile Bar, the very first teeth whitening spain Manila that offers fast, safe, effective, and most of all pain-free teeth whitening services. Launched in 2017, The Smile Bar is a sophisticated place that helps you achieve your teeth’s full whitening potential even without undergoing that painful, and terrifyingtreatment. Their service is guaranteed to whiten your pearly white 2 to 9 shades brighter in just 20 minutes.

The Smile Bar uses the top of the line products and technology from one of today’s largest names in the Swedish teeth whitening market, Brilliant Smile. The LED Plasma Light technology used in The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening treatment is very effective, producing better and faster results compared to other teeth whitening methods.

Here’s yet another good news. I’m sure all of you are guilty and tempted of wanting to eat coloured food, and drink coffee after your treatment, right? Fret not ‘cos The Smile Bar got you covered. They use the NanoSeal Total+ technology that re-mineralizes the enamel and seals the whiteness on your teeth – allowing you to eat or drink anything after your treatment, without risking new discoloration.

Sit comfortably in one of their chair pods-mind you, with noise cancelling capabilities- and allow the smile tenders assist you with your mouthguard and carry on with the procedure. While waiting, you may opt to just use your phone, or watch iflix, they’ll even provide you a phone charger, tablet and headphones for this.  How posh is that, uh?


The minimalist ambiance of the place is a plus, with a pop of reds that accentuate the whole clean look of their very first branch in the 2nd Floor, Cluster 2, Uptown Parade (above what used to beValkyrie area) in Uptown Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig City.

This coming long weekend, while you’re wanting to just scoot of the city, and hit the beach for a fun-filled vacation. Why not prepare your best accessory to match that excitement with The Smile Bar? Their service ranges from Php2,999 to Php6,499 for the single, double and triple whitening, as well as a year’s worth of whitening services for only Php24,999 (12 x 20 minutes). Book and have your double or triple whitening treatment within the week (May 7-13) to get a FREE GIFT pack of your choice, choose between their WhiteningEvo or WhiteningBoost toothpaste, both come in a nice carrying case!

Book your teeth whitening appointment online and get your teeth whitened today at





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