Gabbi Garcia deserves all the attention she could get. She is more than just a pretty silhouette; she’s a beauty beneath the shadows and deserves the spotlight all on her own.

While she’s got the looks and the talent necessary to thrive in the show business industry, Gabbi’s unwavering will to go after what she wants is the reason she will travel far. Behind her newly launched, self-produced single “All I Need”, and her recent walk down the runway of the ‘Bench Under the Stars’ Fashion show, Gabbi is steadfast to approach and maintain a high speed in achieving her goals.

Sitting on her makeup chair while enjoying her cranberry juice and pesto chicken sandwich, the morena beauty, and GMA Artist Center’s newest It girl appears to be your typical girl-next-door, no pretentions, candid at times, very down-to-earth, and throwing laughs & jokes in between takes.

A few hours before she launched her single to media and friends in an intimate gathering, we caught up with Gabbi as she shared more about her passion for singing, her close-knit relationship with her family, beauty regimens and how she sees the industry that seemed to be loving her presence more and more each day.

Congratulations on your self-produced single! How will you relate yourself and experiences to your song?

I wrote the song actually and Christian co-wrote it. And it’s really based on my past experiences like it all piled up and I chose an outlet and music was my outlet for my past experiences, for the ones I’ve felt before. So I feel like this song makes me stronger and this song allows me to grow as an artist and as a person also.

What were your inspirations for writing this song?

My love talaga for music, and also my family and I really wanted it ever since I started in showbiz kasi I’ve been doing gigs na talaga.

What is the main idea of your music video?

There is a story behind it and we left it unsaid  for the viewers to interpret. There are animations in the video material which symbolizes the energy that circulates me. At first the video is plain, but you’ll see na there are colorful patterns revolving around me, popping here and there, it symbolizes the energy and new life. Like, at the end of it all, at the end of all the hardships and problems, you’ll soon be okay.

Who were the artists you listened to growing up?

My local music influencer lately is Jess Connely. But growing up, I listened to MYMP and Backstreet Boys (laughs)

Are you planning on making an album soon?

Yeah, it’s in the process already.  So you guys should watch out for it.

You’ve had a busy year, how are you coping with it all?

Yeah, 2017 is really a big blessing for me ‘cause I’ve been circulating in different areas in my career and up to now. 2017 is not yet ending so may mga follow-ups pa na blessings. I feel na it’s fast but I don’t feel na it’s wrong.

Everything is in its right position. So yeah, parang I try to juggle my time, to juggle everything so I could multitask and I could do time management.

You’ve been working nonstop. Was there ever a time you wanted to quit?

Not really to quit but I’ve felt that sometimes I also doubt myself, I question if I could really do it but I think the passion is the ones really driving me to pursue.

Who are some of the actors you admire and who do you want to work with in the future?

I’ve worked with Ate Marian during Encantadia, and I admire her. Kuya Dong naman he’s really a good actor and he also directs, he does a lot eh so I really wanna work with him soon.

What do you think is the key to a successful career in show business?

You have to really want it. You really want to have that spot in the industry. ‘Cause if it’s not, you’d really give up on all the hard work. Showbusiness will really eat you alive, so you have to have that drive, that love, and the passion for it.

What do you do to keep improving your craft?

In my spare time, if I’m not doing anything, if I don’t have any soap or teleserye, I really go to acting workshops and I really try to hone my talent by talking to veteran actors, seeking for advice, and also I have to be open for new learnings and open for criticisms.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an actress?

If I weren’t an actress, I would probably be studying in a flying school and I’d be following my dreams to become a pilot.

What’s the most challenging part of being an actress?

Being an actress kasi you really work with your emotions. You really work around with your emotions so you have to be secure about who you are before jumping into anyone else and you have to know yourself the best.

What do you love most about acting?

It’s that you could be anyone, you could portray different characters. Aside from it, you get to tell a story in a way that you can personally interpret it.

Let’s talk fashion. How has your personal style evolved over the years?

I’m really into basics. I want to complete and start off with the basics, like black and white ensemble, neutral colored pieces, before I jump into streetwear.

I wanna explore and experiment sometimes, so I express it also through fashion.

How long does it take for you to look for something to wear?

It depends on my mood and the occasion. But, on a normal day, I usually set my outfit before I head to the shower, it’s as if I’m visualizing the look that I want for that day. Do I want something basic, or something edgy? I really do plan it.

Every artist has her own style, how did you find yours?

I don’t really try to choose a peg eh whenever I dress up as long as I’m comfortable and I think I could express myself then ‘yun na ‘yun, so I don’t really try to please people with my outfit as long as I like what I’m wearing.

What are your favorite items in your wardrobe right now?

My favorite items would probably be my oversized denim jacket and also my wide legged pants.

What’s your best beauty tip?

Best beauty tip is that I really don’t go to sleep without washing my face. And I don’t go out of the house without washing off my face and without making sure that my face is moisturized.

What beauty product do you never leave home without?

On a normal day like when I go to the mall, I don’t really wear makeup so I just really put cheek and lip tint, that’s all.

You seem like you’re really comfortable in your own skin. Was there ever a time you got insecure about your looks?

Maybe way back in high school and I think everybody passes by that stage. But I overcame it by just really loving yourself and knowing yourself.

What was your favorite thing about being in Encantadia?

Being in Encantadia, first of all, you get to be a fairy, you get to be a diwata (fairy)  and a warrior princess. haha.

Second, you get to wear all these beautiful costumes. Then, you get to do fight scenes, you get to be a totally different character ‘cause you’re a diwata (fairy) and you’re a queen so it’s really an opportunity for me to let it all out in that character.

Did you do your own stunts?

Yeah, we did. We actually did. Whenever there are fight scenes, they actually teach us on the day itself and we follow it. Parang towards the end, gumaling na lang kami lahat eh, parang nasanay na lang lahat with the fight scenes because we do it every day.

Do you feel more comfortable performing on stage in front of a live audience or in front of a camera on the set?

Oh, I like it better live actually. But then through the experiences in showbiz, I learned to love also performing in front of the camera. So I could say it’s equal.

Do you remember the first time you officially worked in show business?

It was for a teleserye. It’s called My Destiny where my character was supposed to be a cameo role like it would last only for like a week or two weeks but then okay ‘yung reception nung tao, ‘yung audience so I got extended into four weeks and then after four weeks, I got regular na for the show. So it’s really my first unexpected serye.

What’s the most challenging thing about starting young as an actress?

The most challenging thing starting young as an actress is that you have to grow up fast. You have no choice but to really face the reality of you being in the industry. You have to face the fact that it is the cruel and big world out there and you have to cope with. You have to be secure about yourself and you have to have that strong foundation so when the time comes that you fully entered the business you are secured about yourself.

In this day and age, what are the aspects that constantly inspire you to keep going no matter what?

Well, my family really believes in me, and I feel like that it’s really strong enough for me to have that drive in this industry. And also I could say that there are a lot of millennials nowadays who are really good at something and I wanna be one of those few teenagers who have the guts to go out there and share what they wanna share, do what they wanna do, and speak their minds.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Stay humble. And never ever forget where you came from. You have to be wise and think things first before actually saying and doing it.

Was there a time you felt completely discouraged and how did you push through it?

Yeah, of course. What I did to overcome it was I just really listened to my parents, because they give the best advice I could get, then I prayed.

What are your ‘success’ habits? What do you do to be successful?

I never settle for mediocrity. I make sure that in every work we get, I work with my 101%, that’s the road to success eh.

What do you do after you get projects or been successful at something?

I like investing kasi. I want it more parang the money that I earn from my projects and all, I actually don’t handle it. I give everything to my parents and then they handle it so my only suggestion is that I would want an investment. I would want something worth investing for like parang something na mahalaga, not really those small material things. But of course, I would reward myself a bit like buying shoes that I want but more on talaga investing.

What was the biggest risk of becoming a celebrity? And what is your fallback position?

This industry is no joke, so you have to be strong, you really have to face it wholeheartedly and embrace the fact that you’re in it. As for my fallback, I could always create content on my own. Everything’s going digital,  so I could always do something like that. I could also pursue my studies.

 I’m a hard working person and I’m proud of it. I’m not ashamed to be called as a workaholic person.

What is a quote or saying you constantly live by?

I constantly live by “Never Settle For Mediocrity”

What would be the best advice you can give to your 13-year-old self?

There’s so much more to life and the world is so big. You definitely have a spot for what you want as long as you put your heart in it and your focus and you really do know what you want.

After a long day at work, what is the best thing you do to unwind?

To unwind is just to really go home and sleep. Sleep is the best thing in the world.

What’s in store for Gabbi in the coming years? What can we look forward to?

As early as now, we’re actually planning for 2018 already and I know na what’s gonna happen in the first quarter so ang daming surprises for the fans, not only like on magazines, but definitely on TV as well. So they have to watch out for it.

What is your message to your fans and followers?

You, guys, know what I’ve always been telling you guys na to always know yourself first and I wanna thank everyone who supports me. I wanna thank everybody who’s never left, who believes in me and who’s always present in all the endeavors and all the success and not-so-successful days in my showbiz career. So I’m just really thankful and I feel so loved!

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Edryan Lorenzo, a PR and Marketing practitioner with 13 years of solid experience in the industry of lifestyle, fashion, and e-commerce. I'm into visual arts which includes photography, painting, and sketching. During my free time, I'd prefer to travel to keep my self fueled by different cultures and information. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @edryanlorenzo.

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Edryan Lorenzo, a PR and Marketing practitioner with 13 years of solid experience in the industry of lifestyle, fashion, and e-commerce. I'm into visual arts which includes photography, painting, and sketching. During my free time, I'd prefer to travel to keep my self fueled by different cultures and information. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @edryanlorenzo.