Oh yes, you read it right, the 70’s trend is back! There is no doubt that from time to time designers would love to recycle this trend on the runway. Well, who wouldn’t love wearing romantic, fun, free-flowing and soft pieces that all unleash the free spirit in you?



Just as the current digital age values everyone’s love for culture, travel and experiences, the 70s style also embodies a mix of various cultures reflected in its peculiar prints and unconventional cuts. This plays a role on why trend-setters love bringing back this style. Flamboyant prints in bizarre color combinations including teal, navy, rose, peach, and the basic black and white are all represented in jumpsuits and dresses.





However, this refined trend now reveals simplicity but still maintaining a touch of fun and sassiness just like the basic straight-cut mini dress and the long strappy sandals combination. Designers nowadays incorporate simplicity and romance in achieving that 70s look by using free-flowing and less aggressive pieces.

Revamping this trend, designers now creatively strike a balance between using simple basics and fun and wild pieces. Are you guys digging this refined trend? If so, check out more 70s collection at ZALORA Philippines.





abby aquino

Advertising savant who loves to write about fashion, styling, travels and everything in between.