The dirty sneakers trend is back and we don’t mind.


From A-list Hollywood celebrities to Social media influencers, you will spot them wearing those footies that seemed to be so dirty and far from the usual squeaky white sneaks that you’ve always loved wearing.

Back in 2017, everyone’s been talking about the “ugly” sneakers, called Golden Goose. Twelve years ago the Italian luxury sneaker brand arguably started the trend with its pre- distressed, leather Superstar sneakers. These sneaks look as if they’d already been worn for years, but that is the beauty of Golden Goose kicks, looking perfectly imperfect and beautifully untidy all at the same time that celebrities and influencers are willing to pay such a steep price.

Golden Goose is an Italian shoe brand founded in 2000 by two Venetian designers, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. These designers take the same quality leather you’d find in bench-made dress shoes and apply it to classic skate and basketball styles. Then they distress it by hand to create the kind of scuffs that’d take you years to make yourself, and finish the sneaks in color combos no one else has thought of. The result is a luxury item perfectly beaten up with “age.”

A pair price starts at $500 or 25,000 Php and is available in men’s, women’s and Kids styles.

Celebrity sightings on stylish celebrities like Jude Law, Taylor Swift, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kanye West, Mandy Moore, Megan Fax, Olivia Wilde and Selena Gomez were spotted donning these distressed pairs in the streets of New York and LA.


Here are some of our picks from the brand’s latest collection.

Ball Star sneakers in leather with golden varnish on the front, Php 24, 750

Running Sole sneakers in light blue leather with silver star, Php 26,500
Ball Star sneakers in leather with shearling insert, Php26,500
Camouflage Ball Star sneakers with glittery star and heel tab, Php 26, 500
Superstar sneakers in varnished-look leather, Php 28,000
Ball Star sneakers in leather with metallic heel tab, Php 23,000
Running Sole sneakers with gold varnish, Php 30, 250
Slide sneakers in leather with suede star and details, Php 26, 250

If you have that certain IDGAF attitude and the shoe mantra of “the dirtier the better”, time for you to forget those crispy white kicks, and time to embrace the Golden Goose aesthetics. After all, Nobody needs to know it’s fresh out of the box.

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