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There’s more to Dyson than its top of the line design and technological breakthrough.

Last June 23, to commemorate International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), the James Dyson  Award shared some of the most inspiring and brilliant inventions by some of the brightest young female design engineers and inventors in recent years.

INWED is a day of celebrating the contributions of women in the engineering industry all across the world, and this year’s INWED’s theme is #ShapeTheWorld, a celebration of how engineers shape the place we live in to help make it a better sanctuary for everyone.


In a similar story. Last year, A Filipina successfully represented the country taking the forefront of the engineering industry with her invention that aims to reduce the bad effects of global warming.

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Yzavel Angel Palma of De La Salle University made it to the top 20 international finalists of the James Dyson Awards with her invention of Air Disc. It is a new kind of cooling technology that doesn’t use chemical refrigerants or chemical substances used in a heat pump and refrigeration cycle as a cooling medium. It replaces more than century-old technology which ties humans as dependent victims of chemical refrigerants and uses air with ten percent (10%) energy use only. Her invention aspires to address the pressing issue of climate change and global warming.

“With perseverance and determination, we can really make seismic changes through design engineering, where the theories…

Posted by James Dyson Award on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

In the same year, Marina Hughes won the competition with her invention of Marina Tex, a home compostable material designed as an alternative to single-use plastic films. The material is comprised of waste material from the fishing industry and sustainable algae.

“An engineer is a problem solver, [so for me], a good design is something that bridges the gap between behaviors, business, and [our] planet,” says Marina Hughes.

This year, guided by its mission to get young people excited about design engineering, the James Dyson Award is now open and accepting entries that celebrate, encourage, and inspire the next generation of design engineers. Submission of entries will be until July 16, 20o, and International winners announcement will be on November 19.

A cash prize will be given to the National Winner worth Php130,000, and Php 1.9M for the International winner, plus ₱320,000 for the contestant’s university. Check out this video to find out more.

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