The Klassik Kim Kardashian Look

You can love her or you can hate her, but you can’t deny the fact that Kim Kardashian is one to watch. We’re not entirely sure if it’s just us but it sure feels like Kim is getting better with age, what with her very rough beginnings in the show business industry to her super cute family and multi-million dollar success at present.

Naturally, it doesn’t really come as a surprise when Google releases their ‘Most Searched People on Google’ list and Kim Kardashian comes out on top. Let’s face it, there sure is something intriguing about a person who is so complex – someone who can be so good and so bad at the same time, someone who can look unkempt one day and look so elegant the next. This is probably the reason why people (haters and fans alike) can’t help but keep tabs on her – because you don’t know what to expect from her each day.

If you try to go on Google yourself and type in ‘Kim Kardashian’, one of the first things that pop up is a keyword that says ‘Kim Kardashian make-up’. This only means that apart from her lifestyle and her fashion sense, netizens also keep tabs on her make-up looks as well! Surprisingly, like you, we keep up with Kim even better than we keep up with our own lives and so we’ve managed to pull together a DIY guide on her flawless day-to-day essentials.

Whether she’s decked out in Balmain for a red carpet appearance or headed out to check on their DASH stores, Kim Kardashian never fails to look flawless. What’s even better about all this is that she is very vocal that she did not wake up like this! Throughout the years, Kim’s never been selfish about her make-up regimen and gives advice to her fans as much as she can. If you’re a constant follower of her day-to-day looks, you might have already noticed that the key aspects to any successful Kim Kardashian look are defined eyes, a flawless, contoured base, and glossy lips.


To accentuate your eyes like Kim, use a darker shade along your eye crease and a really light one to highlight your brow bone. To give your lashes volume, sweep on two coats of voluminous mascara like this one.


Merriam Webster should definitely consider changing the word’s spelling into Kontour because when we think contour, we think Kim. The star’s famously contoured cheekbones are achieved by using a sheer highlighting palette that has pure and natural pigments that diffuse light and make the skin appear more luminous. A highlighting palette like this one would do for now but you can move on to a much more complicated palette once you get the hang of it. While you can use particular products, the most important key to contouring is application. Always use a sponge so that layers blend in well. Apply some along your cheek bones to give off a dewy effect, on the bridge of your nose, and your Cupid’s bow.


Lastly (and more importantly), if there’s anything Kim teaches, it’s that doing your make-up, or even getting someone else to do it for you, should be something you enjoy. It can be tedious sometimes but if you feel like it’s a drag and treat it as a chore, we bet your ass (no pun intended) that whatever look you have on would never look half as good as Kim’s. Love it, embrace it, and don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things!

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