aetrex footwear

It’s that time of the year again and this one is more exciting than the last with eased regulations, allowing us to have a better sense of the holiday spirit. Hooray!

We’ve all gotten used to the comforts of our homes, but it’s time to stretch those legs and get your feet moving. But before you head on out to do your shopping or to enjoy the great outdoors, check out below gift ideas for those who like to be comfortable and healthy wherever they go.

aetrex flip flops

For that convenient slide-on and slide-off flip flop, slip on a pair of Aetrex Flips for that cloud-like feeling when going on quick errands or lounging around. Aetrex Flips are easy-wear, cute-colored slippers made of buttery soft EVA with a dual-density full-support outsole, giving your feet that all-day support.

aetrex sandals

Finally, going for that long-awaited coffee date? Worried about all fashion and no form? Fret not and slip on a stylish pair of Aetrex Sandals and get that extra oomph in your step. Aetrex Sandals have the Healthy Three ingredients – Signature arch support for pain relief, alignment, and comfort all built right in all of their sparkly or minimalist sandals – to put that stylish yet ultra-comfy touch to your look.

aetrex orthotic

Stepping out for that overdue outdoor run or ride? All the holiday feasts right around the corner will surely also get you up and running. But don’t skip comfort when pursuing your active lifestyle! Aetrex Speed and Compete insoles put astounding orthotic comfort right into your favorite pair of trainers with premium ExofoamTM for super lightweight cushioning, high energy return AerocellTM polyurethane – all made to reduce impact, absorb shock, alleviate discomfort, and help reduce fatigue and prevent injuries.

Whichever Aetrex pair you choose to gift to your loved ones who love to treat their feet, it would surely be best to get a pair for yourself too, as all Aetrex products feature the Healthy Three ingredients, to help relieve you of all sorts of foot pain and keep your feet happy all the time. Best of all, they all have anti-microbial technology that helps keep your feet healthy and clean!

If you want that no-fuss, no-frills, and full-comfort holiday, get your every centavo’s worth with #RealSupport from Aetrex footwear and insoles. Get into that holiday spirit and enjoy every moment pain-free!

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