Thinking of a perfect gift for your lady love this coming Christmas? How about a chic yet timeless bag  with a strong DNA for authentic style and craftmanship.
Marie dela Roche are bags that draws inspiration from the best European and Mediterranean craftmanship bringing excellent artisan quality with couture-inspired touches to the global woman that fuses rebellious femininity and chic styling through impeccable European designs.
The brand decided to enter the Philippine shores after Marie met a very stylish Filipina at a thanksgiving dinner. After way too many tea sessions with her, Marie decided to enter the market and just recently launched her first local collection a week ago which includes three designs that are up for grabs on their facebook page,  Instagram and Website.

The Blanket Mini


A retro inspired beauty Italian Nappa leather with gold finish details and detachable strap.


Bottle-shaped with bold snap magnet opening Italian nappa leather with gold finish details and detachable strap


A three way bag which can be a purse, backpack and a slingbag with invisible magnets, made from italian nappa leather with gold finish details, studded bottom and a detachable strap plus handle.
Get to know more about the brand with our exclusive interview below:
May we know the brief history of your brand?
We launched Marie De la Roche in 2015 in the Middle East. Now we are growing in Southeast Asia, middle east, the UK and coming soon in Latin America too which is very exciting as that’s where I was born
From the beginning, we wanted to create a brand with a heart for the artisan where love was there from the beginning to the end.
Love for the artisan
That for us meant the people who handcraft our bags in Europe are well taken cared of. They have specialized in creating beautiful things and we want to respect the many decades of experience they have.
The leathers and metals we use are safe and chrome-free sourced from Italian small family-run companies, they focus on zero waste and making the best of the materials.
Love for the customer
The bags are either water repellent or water-absorbent, with layers of anti-humidity coating on their sides so it won’t chip and can offer longevity no matter where you are regardless of the weather.
The design stands far away from trends so you have something that works now or in 5 years. We focus on quality and strong aesthetics, as well as creating bags you can wear in many ways so our customers can feel they get the best from their investment
Love for those who should receive love
Every year we try to do something that will impact positively a community. Whether it is single moms, refugees, women who are victims of home violence,etc
We feel like we should use our platform for a greater good, and part of that means to do things that really help those whose voices are unheard.
What are the key inspirations of your bags?
A lot of our references are feelings that we want our customers to feel when they wear our bags (feeling bold or strong, or chic, etc), or if we notice there is something the MDLR woman needs I try to think how can we serve her best.
Once the idea takes shape it’s always splashed with nature references or architectural bits of things we love.
What are your inspirations in creating those structured designs?
We want our muses to always feel like they have a timeless bag. And unfortunately, when a bag loses its shape even if it’s still new we feel like its old and don’t feel like wearing it again.
We wanted to create bags that stood the test of time and was at the same time a conversation piece.
It became a big part of our narrative and now people know the bags because of that.
Are you going to create a collaboration collection with a celebrity or influencer in the future?
Not at the moment, we do have two very exciting upcoming collaborations in the near future.
One is with an amazing Kuwaiti designer (she is amazing and we are huge fans) to be launched in Ramadan next year and the other one is with a lifestyle brand that focuses on supporting indigenous communities in southeast Asia, with which hopefully we can help to improve the infrastructure of Sumatran villages with the sales
There are some influencers we would be interested to have a collab with when the time is right so stay tuned for that.
What’s in store to your avid followers and customers for the coming season?
We have a really fun collection coming up that works all year round so we did a mix of SS and FW so our MDLR girl could trot the world and find something no matter the weather or setting to bring with her on her journey
There will be suede, croc, ostrich and butter-soft smooth leathers in gorgeous colors referencing late 60s Paris
The selection for Manila next season will be really colorful and versatile, especially now that on my last trip I got to see how stylish and color avid the Filipina woman is so we will bring cool bold offerings for them that hopefully will surprise and delight them.
Keep an eye on that for next year!


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